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5 spots to watch the Spurs (or whoever else) this weekend

Published On 05/08/2014 Published On 05/08/2014

Austin It’s that time of year again, when large populations of men and women will sit at tables covered with crumpled, hot wing-stained napkins, pints of beer, and baskets of fried pickles. Maybe you want to see Tim Duncan get one more. Maybe you don't. Maybe you will post memes that make fun of a certain champion’s hairline during commercials *cough* LeBron *cough*. And, maybe you’re just there for the poutine. Whatever your viewing style, there’s a place for you. What is your go-to spot? Let us know in the comments.


Haymaker (info and address)
Haymaker has drink specials every night of the week, lots of TVs, and servers who aren't hard on the eyes. Try the Haymaker, an open-faced sandwich loaded with roast beef, fries, Gruyere sauce, slaw, tomatoes, and a fried egg. A friend refers to this sandwich as, "breakfast in my face!" Enjoy.

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The Tavern

The Tavern (info and address)
This German-style sports bar has more than 50 high-def TVs, an upstairs patio with a view of Lamar, and a strong rotating beer menu. The Tavern’s burgers are legendary, as are their “Amazing White Wings” -- chicken wrapped with bacon, jalapeños & tossed in wing sauce.  

Draft Pick

Draft Pick (info and address)
East Riverside
This East Riverside sports bar has got "the biggest HD screen in the state" (Jerry Jones might quibble with that) along with loads more still-plenty-big TVs. Combine that with 32 Texas beers on tap and their famous Burnt Orange Wings that are seasoned with a dry rub, and you’ve got a winner.

Red’s Porch

Red’s Porch (info and address)
South Lamar
This South Lamar hangout is huge and famous for their plethora of daily drink and food specials ($2 Lone Star pints at happy hour!). Enjoy the breeze on their patio and hey, even your dog is welcome.

Cover 3

Cover 3 (info and address)
North Central
This is the best spot to take your less-than-enthusiastic-about-sports lady friend on a game night. Cover 3 has handcrafted cocktails, a menu that doesn’t include jalapeño poppers, AND a perfect view of the game. Everyone wins.

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1. Haymaker 2310 E Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722 (Cherrywood)

This sports bar serves up gourmet bar bites -- pimento cheese sandos, poutine w/ Wisconsin cheese curds -- and their cocktail menu includes a SLIM JIM-TOPPED BLOODY.

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2. The Tavern 922 W 12th St, Austin, TX 78703 (Downtown)

Erected in 1916 to mimic classic German architecture, The Tavern as we know it now was originally a grocery store (rumored to have operated as a secret speakeasy and brothel!). When Prohibition ended in 1933, The Tavern was born. This casual sports bar and grill boasts 46 flatscreen TVs and menu of classic bar food. The Tavern also supplies breakfast must-haves like the "Hipster Eggs Benedict," with spinach/mushrooms/cheddar-Hollandaise.

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3. Draft Pick Sports Bar 1620 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741 (Oltorfeast Riverside)

Nestled into the Amli apartments on Riverside, Draft's the latest project from the guy behind Texican Cafe: a tastefully wood-paneled sports-watcher's paradise whose 17 flatscreens include a 226in monster they claim's the biggest in the 787.

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4. Red's Porch 3508 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

With a mix of Southern, Tex-Mex, and Cajun influences, Red's Porch brings flavors like the South Austin Po-Boy and Coffee Rubbed Brisket Tacos together under one roof (or onto one porch).

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5. Cover 3 2700 West Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757 (North Central)

Home of TX Monthly's 12th-best burger in the state, this fine-dining sports bar has 20+ HDTVs for you to enjoy. Come in on the weekend, and you'll be enjoying those TVs with $4 make-your-own Bloody Marys.