Food & Drink

A Kwik-E-Mart... with more than two dozen taps

A growler at The Quickie Pickie

Although it isn't slinging squishees, East Austin's Quickie Pickie is a convenience store delivering brain freezes via an entirely different method: 27 beers on tap.

The taps at The Quickie Pickie

Taps include the likes of Boulevard, Rogness, Dogfish Head, and Stone -- all hand-picked by QP's owner, who also manages a pair of Shell stations.

Bombers at The Quickie Pickie

Not feeling the taps? You can also crack open a bomber and enjoy it at the bar or on the patio.

Quickie Pickie Counter Culture coffee

Gas station coffee takes on a new, health code-abiding meaning when it's a latte made with single-origin Counter Culture beans.

Quickie Pickie rotisserie chicken

The ultimate in grab-and-go-and-eat-before-you-actually-go food, their rotisserie chickens are smothered in herbes de Provence and available with sides of potato gratin, ratatouille, and parsley sauce.

Quickie Pickie saltimbocca sandwich

Or pig out with the Saltimbocca sandwich: eight-hour pulled pork, proscuitto, melted Gruyere, spicy Bosc pear chutney, and marsala sage butter pressed into a sweet roll from Baked in Austin, a bread-making operation that's also experienced a high number of brain-freezes.