Two bros, a bean-head, and 39 taps

wright bros

Whether it's a cup of coffee, a beer, or Detlef Schrempf's barber, tons of things can produce a pretty awesome buzz. Combining two of them (plus a mean pastrami sandwich!): the two brothers (and their coffee-roaster bro-from-another-mo) behind Wright Bros. Brew & Brew.

Wright Bros interior

The old Progress Coffee space has... progressed from its previous kinda-claustrophobic vibe and opened up significantly, thanks to folding garage doors, a long wooden bar-top, and upgraded furnishings emblazoned with their ampersand logo, which'll soon be punctuating your posterior.

Wright Bros beer

Thirty-nine taps (including three nitros and one cask engine) make them a formidable contender for biggest beer selection on the Eastside, with a starting tap lineup featuring stand-outs like Hops & Grain's Greenhouse Baltic Porter, Rodenbach Grand Cru (one line will always be dedicated to sours), and Austin Beerworks' Wet Hopped Heavy Machinery, any of which, after consuming, you probably shouldn't operate.

aeropress pour over

One of the B&B's preferred brew methods is the AeroPress pour-over, which creates a smooth, tea-like consistency and allows them to serve higher-end beans like SF's De La Paz at a price point more friendly to the average Joe.

Flattrack cortada

Local roasters Flattrack (who are also posted up in the Farewell Books complex) run the coffee program, and, in addition to their own, they're also sourcing top-notch beans from the likes of Portland's Heart.

Niman Ranch pastrami

Their sandwich selection is also on point, with everything from a Niman Ranch pastrami to a Hops & Grain Alt-eration-braised brisket, which gives it a slight buzz and a taste that's out of this world.