Food & Drink

Austin’s fiercest pizza, taco, and food truck fare, presented by Capital One Bank*

If you plan on making a cake or adding whimsy to your Bill Cosby-endorsed dessert product, don’t break the mold. But when faced daily with meh-ified versions of your favorite foods, a few metaphorical Bundt cake pans might have to be destroyed in order to rediscover deliciousness. It’s a good thing, then, that Thrillist has collected three Austin spots guaranteed to kick taco tedium, food truck fatigue, and pizza pococurantism (that's a word for go-getters who need six syllables to say “apathy”), including a James Beard Award-nominated joint with the biggest tequila selection in Austin, and eats alongside the friendly ghost of a gluttonous longhorn. *Venues chosen at the discretion of Thrillist