10 beers you need to be drinking this Summer

Summer Beer Picks ATX
Anastacia Uriegas

It's officially Summer, which means we forgo heavy clothing, food, and drink. Except pizza -- that's a year-round thing. Anyway, we asked five ATX beer experts to pick brews they thought would complement your Summer plans, and what they came up with are crisp, light, refreshing choices -- described to you via many beautiful beer-y adjectives.

Calma Muerta Session Ale Summer Beer Picks ATX
Pinthouse Pizza

Marcus TenHarmsel

FOH manager and beer buyer at Hopfields

Pinthouse Pizza, Calma Muerta Session Ale
(IPA, 4.8% ABV)
Marcus says: "One of my personal favorites for the Summer heat is Pinthouse Pizza's Calma Muerta Session Ale. Ringing in at only 4.8%, this sessionable IPA packs a big flavor without the punch. With bright flavors of citrus, melon, and a bit of peach, this beer is balanced with just a hint of bitterness and is crisp, clean, and refreshing!"

Pivo Pils Summer Beer Picks ATX
Lloyd Thompson

Firestone Walker, Pivo Pils
(German Pilsner, 5.3% ABV)
Marcus says: "If I'm outside enjoying -- or rather enduring -- the Texas Summer heat, there isn't much out there that serves as a more quenching beer than Firestone Walker's Pivo Pils. At 5.3%, this light-bodied, hop-driven, German-style pilsner kicks off with a floral and slightly spicy flavor. Thanks to the addition of German Saphir hops during the dry hop, a refreshing lemongrass note rounds out the flavor profile, making it one of the most quaffable pilsners I've had."

Einhorn Berliner Weisse Summer Beer Picks ATX

Courtney Strange

Beer broker at Banger's 

Austin Beerworks, Einhorn Berliner Weisse
(Berliner Weisse, 3.5% ABV)
Courtney says: "Austin Beerworks' Einhorn Berliner Weisse -- It’s low alcohol, ABV usually comes at 4%. A wheat beer with a sour mash that’s nice and tart. Great for Summer, very accessible, and great to drink. People commonly add syrups like blackberry and raspberry to make it more refreshing."

Twilight Summer Ale Summer Beer Picks ATX
Flickr User mccun934

Deschutes Brewery, Twilight Summer Ale
(American Blonde Ale, 5% ABV)
Courtney says: "Deschutes Brewery Twilight Summer Ale -- It’s the kind of beer I could drink a liter of. Highly refreshing on a late Summer night. I really like it because it's nothing too complex. Has good Summer flavors and a little bit of citrus."

18th Anniversary Gose Summer Beer Picks ATX
Real Ale Brewing

Chris Troutman

Co-founder and Editor in Chief, Austin Beer Guide

Real Ale Brewing, 18th Anniversary Gose
(Wheat Ale, 4.5% ABV)
Chris says: "It's light, crisp, refreshing, quaffable, and most importantly, interesting. Real Ale translated this historic style for central Texas drinkers into a wonderful, semi-tart, and subtly salty Summer beverage that could only be perfected by turning this one-off beer into a seasonal packaged product."

Karl Kölsch Summer Beer Picks ATX
Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks, Karl Kölsch
(Kölsch, 4.7% ABV)
Chris says: "Team ABW released this at their third anniversary party earlier this Spring to much aplomb. With a beautiful color, white head, pleasant aroma, and just enough buttering hops, Karl is crisp, clean, and ready to party."

Fathom IPL Summer Beer Picks ATX
Ballast Point

Joe Mohrfeld

Head brewer at Pinthouse Pizza

Ballast Point Brewing, Fathom IPL
(American Double/Imperial Pilsner, 6.8% ABV)
Joe says: "It has all that I love: a dank and resinous hop profile with a crisp, dry lager finish: a great recipe for Texas Summers."

St. Lupulin Summer Beer Picks ATX
Flickr User Brokentaco

Odell Brewing, St. Lupulin
(American Pale Ale, 6.5% ABV)
Joe says: "Great hoppy, Summertime pale ale; bright, citrusy, and fruity with a soft malt background which keeps this ale light and and refreshing."

The One They Call Zoe Summer Beer Picks ATX
Anastacia Uriegas

Josh Wilson

Brewer & manager at Draught House Pub & Brewery

Hops & Grain, The One They Call Zoe
(American Pale Lager, 5.2% ABV)
Josh says: "Despite having a name that requires a pause for breath, Hops & Grain's The One They Call Zoe is a beer I keep coming back to. This deep golden lager with its slow-rising bubbles captures the lazy days of Summer. The aroma of lemon, malt, and fresh-cut herbs entices. Big German malt and tangy hop flavor finishes with an almost tannic balanced bitterness. Zoe is clean and satisfying with nice body. So tasty."

DayTime Ale Summer Beer Picks ATX
Anastacia Uriegas

Lagunitas, DayTime Ale
(Fractional IPA, 4.65% ABV)
Josh says: "While the session IPAs would have you believe that we should be day drunks with names like All Day IPA, the low alcohol trend is a good one. Super hoppy beers that allow your drinking arm to move at normal rate? Count me in. Lagunitas DayTime is a near-perfect beer and great for a Summer session. This light-bodied ale has a zesty grapefruit aroma with spicy and floral notes. Its oversized citrus hop flavor has a hint of toasted wheat. The crisp finish demands another pint."