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Meet the <em>Boy Meets World</em> cast, and MEET THE <em>BOY MEETS WORLD</em> CAST

The cast of Boy Meets World
Kelly from Yelp

Local Lady We Love, and Where to Find Her

Meet Kelly. Kelly is the Austin Community Director for Yelp, meaning that she's got a full plate of throwing DayGlo beach parties and admitting the virtues of gringo tacos, despite the fact that she distrusts any joint that doesn't have bars on the windows (Taqueria Los Altos!). When she's not turning pages on the Book a Week Challenge (World War Z is on deck), you can find her sipping Deep Eddy Ruby Red vodka at spots like Whisler's (RIP Rabbit's), Buddy's Place of Happiness (BYO!), and the Firehouse Lounge & Hostel.