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The Weekend Playbook: Freedom means pig roasts and rooftop fireworks

Published On 07/02/2013 Published On 07/02/2013
Searsucker patriotic hot dog

Event of the Week Where's the best place in town to watch the fireworks? It just might be the rooftop of the Rattle Inn, where Valentina's is dishing out smoked beef tenderloin and garlic lime shrimp. Go!
Wednesday, July 3rd
The Paramount has stacked the deck with a day of four classic films: the Coen bros' Blood Simple, Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep, Body Heat ("the steamiest movie of all time"), and the old-school detective flick The Long Goodbye. See the schedule right here
Thursday, July 4th If the fireworks you value most take place in your mouth, best get your hind to
Scoot Inn's pig roast with a slip and slide and a tug-o-war battle. Also, performances by The Couch and...
For the psychedelically minded,
Hotel Vegas is hosting their yearly Rockaway Beach party with cover sets of ELO, The Stooges, and David Bowie. I'm afraid of Americans
Friday, July 5th Talking Heads fans rejoice, for all-star cover act Remain in Light will play the entirety of the Heads' fourth album at Frank.
Check out who's in the band here...
Get your kicks with the Aztex as they square off against the West Texas Sockers at House Park.
Score your tickets
Celebrate your love of Stevie at a Wonderful Summer get-down at
The Sahara Lounge presented by Body Rock and Peddlin' Jazztronica. Hotter than July!
Saturday, July 6th Venerable faster-than-fast food burger slinger
P. Terry's is celebrating its 8th anniversary by handing out free t-shirts! A burger worth liking...
Sunday, July 7th Cinema East is posted up at the
French Legation screening Zero Charisma, a locally made feature that chronicles a D&D Game Master struggling to retain the loyalty of his role-playing flock when a new hipster nerd arrives on the scene. Yes, all of your friends will be there

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Local Lady We Love, and Where to Find Her
This week's exemplary hunk of womanhood is Mallory Laumann. Her favorite ninja turtle is Michelangelo because they share a favorite food and color. When she's not busy ride-or-die-ing as a spin instructor at... RIDE, where she's known to play Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, or teaching barre dance at MOD Fitness, or repping restos like Swift's Attic for Bread and Butter PR, you can find her chilling at the White Horse, Justine's, and El Alma.



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