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This tequila shot is smoked inside a skull

A beautiful waitress drinking smoked tequila

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Unless you're at Georgetown's El Monumento Bar, in which case, where there's smoke, there's El Jimador and glass skulls and this charming bartender and a mesquite-smoked super tequila shot whose flavor ages almost five years, right before your eyes.

El Monumento smoking gun tequila

So what's up with the smoke? Well, according to legend (and the bartender), it gives the tequila a richer flavor, essentially turning a reposado into an anejo. First they fire up a bowl of dank mesquite in their smoking gun, which is hosed directly into a crystal skull.

The alcohol goes straight to your skull.

El Monumento tequila skull

The liquor and smoke wrap their arms around each other, lock in a warm embrace, dry hump for a few minutes, then make a delicious little flavor baby that tastes exactly like a fine mezcal.

El Monumento frozen margaritas snow cone machine

Enjoy it while you watch them take the art of the brain-freeze to new heights with frozen margs made on a Japanese snow cone machine.

El Monumento 8 Hour Margarita

Or check out their further appropriation of Japanese technology in their 8 Hour Margarita, which uses a cold-brew coffee tower to drip Don Julio Blanco through a mash of lemongrass, orange, and lime, resulting in an inexplicably smooth flavor that will totally blow your mind.