Food & Drink

A place to drink in waaaay South Austin

Finally making the controversial debate over how to pronounce Manchaca relevant to people who aren't even Manchacans, is Moontower Saloon: a 3-acre compound of revelry aiming to deliver a slice of destination-worthy Weird to Far South Austin.They built the patio themselves to ensure it was Sponge-worthy.Outdoor seating is a burning thing, when placed around a fiery ring."Hi, how are you?""I'm dead, so, not great."Ol' Blue Eyes salutes Ol' Foggy Eyes.Rahhhhhr!... and Sons Winter Warmer.You almost never get to take one of these in Texas, so drink up.Bon Appetex is run by a chef who made his name catering movie sets. He's dramatically increased his portions since those days, thank god, because you're gaining weight for a role.If you're Counting calories, you should probably avoid this beer-battered Monte Crisco.Reuben egg rolls = awesome finger food...... but be sure to wash up afterwards.