The coolest bars and restaurants in town

It's time for a new edition (easy there, Bobby Brown) of the Thrillist 47, giving you the best new and new-ish places to eat and drink. Some had to go, while other hot spots could not be denied (welcome, Qui!). Have a look at the list (organized by hood, this isn't a ranking) and make the most of your next night out.


1) Josephine House
1601 Waterston Ave; 210.867.1062
Owned by the restaurant wunderkind behind the Jeffrey's renovation, and located, well, behind Jeffrey's, this bungalow-turned-lazy-lunching-destination only has 30 seats in which to enjoy their easy-sipping selection of afternoon cocktails.
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2) Jeffrey's
1204 W Lynn St; 512.477.5584
Reopened under the direction of the restaurant baron behind Perla's, this former Austin fine dining institution's gone more contemporary (think Wes Anderson-ish), while maintaining a classic Austin feel (think Lance Armstrong before the drugs made everyone forget about his womanizing). Dry-aged burgers, FTW.
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3) Clark's Oyster Bar
1200 W 6th St; 512.297.2525
Expanding his empire from seafood to shining seafood, the Perla dude's Clark's Oyster Bar focuses on a rawer menu of rare oysters like New Brunswick Fancy Sweets.
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4) Craft Pride
61 Rainey St; 512.826.1238
Helmed by a married couple, Craft Pride's a Rainey St establishment where you might expect to see super awesome macaroni angels (!!!), but instead does beer from 52 all-TX taps as well as to-go cases of bottles and bombers, all curated by an OG Black Star brewer.
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5) DFG Noodles
74 Rainey St; 512-745-0533
If you've ever wanted your noodles served by someone who is a) one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women (!), b) a Star Search Singapore winner (!...?), and c) someone who was in Machete as an uzi-wielding Steven Seagal sidekick (wait, seriously?), you're definitely going to want to drop by DFG Noodles: a Rainey St trailer directed by sexy gameshow-winning Seagal co-star Cheryl Chin, who's plating an ultra-rare noodle dish seldom seen in the US.
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6) Restaurant Jezebel
800 W 6th St; 512.436.9643
Referred to as "couture cuisine" by the chef, each meal (4- or 7-course prix fixe only) at Jezebel is custom-tailored to each diner's palate after he/she's guided through a series of questions about preferences for raw or cooked proteins, bold or classic tastes, Asian or Indian spices, and of course, how they feel about innards.
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7) Bar Ilegal
609 Davis St; 512.494.4120
A mezcal-only rambler-gambler-influenced cantina set in a 1920s stone shack behind Clive Bar that bustles with reclamation, and sports a turntable spinning vintage Latin heat (Mambo #s 1-4?).
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8) Kingdom
103 E 5th St; 512.653.2546
Pass through the alleyway entrance to find a Brazilian redwood dance floor, plush red-leather booths, house-designed lighting fixtures shooting six prism-split beams, and, most importantly, a tipsy girl who's totally pissed at her boyfriend custom +15,000watt sound system they feared might actually damage the building's foundations.
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9) Bar Congress
200 Congress Ave; 512 827 2760
With atmosphere provided by a white marble bar top, magenta booths, and grainy dark wood tables, this cocktail-aficionado counterpart to Second Kitchen serves a rotating selection of sips handcrafted by the town's best bartenders.
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10) Swift's Attic
315 Congress Ave; 512.482.8200
A decidedly downtown small-plate haven above Elephant Room serving creative comfort foods like squid fries. Mmmm... comfort.
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11) Brew Exchange
706 W 6th St; 512.366.5727
The 72 taps here have their prices displayed on 75ft of scrolling LED ticker, but they fluctuate based on demand, thus leading to some great bargains, and potentially the most expensive Lone Star in town.
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12) Russian House
307 E 5th St; 512.428.5442
A far more enjoyable way to spend your evening than watching The Russia House on VHS, Russian House brings fine Russian food, spirits, and memorabilia to 5th Street, in an ambitious space run by a former Olympic basketball player and her chef husband, who's cooked everywhere from Moscow, to Moscow on the Hudson, NY.
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13) Congress
200 Congress Ave; 512.827.2760
Setting the standard for downtown fine dining since opening two years ago, Congress recently passed a nearly entirely new menu that, to the dismay of progressives, still includes lots of pork... belly.
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14) Midnight Cowboy
313 E 6th St; 512.843.2715
Formerly Dirty 6th's filthiest locale, Midnight Cowboy operated as an actual brothel ("oriental modeling & massage") until it was shuttered by APD, only to be opened as this reservation-required cocktail den.
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15) Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden
79 Rainey St; 512.386.1656
Banger's is the sausage party that Rainey St's three remaining residents always dreamed of, being the district's largest biergarten, first live music venue, and, as suggested by the mounted boar heads and 27ft butcher-block bar top, biggest artisan sausage purveyor.
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16) Searsucker
415 Colorado St; 512.394.8000
This unpretentiously fine dining concept from San Diego-based Top Chef alum Brian Malarkey, who -- when not busy running a half dozen fabric-themed restos -- is split into a late-night lounge boasting a top-of-the-line Funktion-One sound system (the only one in Austin) and a dining area equipped with pork belly topped with an egg cooked at 63 degrees. Mmm.
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17) Easy Tiger
709 E 6th St; 512.614.4972
Not even remotely referencing the sexual proclivities of America's most sullen golfer, this mild-mannered bakery upstairs has a craft barroom hidden beneath it.
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18) Freedmen's
2402 San Gabriel St; 512.220.0953
The most momentous thing to happen to West Campus drinking since that magical summer of '97 when you could drink Everclear while singing "I Will Buy You A New Life", Freedmen's soda fountain-influenced cocktails actually hark back to the building's original 1889 incarnation as a general store.
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19) Hopfields
3110 Guadalupe St; 512.537.0467
Proving it doesn't take a blight of phylloxera to turn the French off of wine, Hopfields mashes up beer nerdery and French street food in a cozy space that pushes mid-century-France decor into City of Lost Children territory.
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20) Qui
1600 E 6th St; 512.436.9626
Paul Qui's formidable Austin eating empire's formidable-est addition, this East Austin flagship, Qui is both the first solo project from the James Beard winner and the first upscale dining establishment in a zone that's more known for Lone Stars than star chefs. Get the rabbit consomme in a tea pot.
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21) Quickie Pickie
1208 E 11th St; 512.479.0136
Although it isn't slinging squishees, this East Austin convenience store delivers brain freezes via an entirely different method: 27 beers on tap.
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22) Whisler's
1816 East 6th St; 512.480.0781
Facts are facts: other than Mickey D's drive-thru window workers, there's no one better at sizing people up than bartenders -- a theory they'll test at Whisler's via a dealer's choice drink program in which their very capable bartenders ask you a few quick questions, then craft a crazy-delicious bespoke drink aimed to surprise and delight your palate.
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23) Eden East
755 Springdale Road; 512.428.6500
There's nothing more farm-to-table than actually eating at a table... on a farm!... which's where Eden East comes in: a reservation-only weekend restaurant set on the front lawn of Springdale Farm, which features both a farmer's daughter (who you'd best keep away from) and uber-fresh eats prepared by the chef behind East Side Showroom and Hillside Farmacy.
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24) Mettle
507 Calles St; 512.328.3935
If you like anything-goes takes on bistro fare that go so far as to serve flat iron steaks with a side of potato chips covered in what the chef refers to as modernist easy melt, then yeah, you get why this made the 47.
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25) Hillside Farmacy
1209 E 11th St; 512.628.0168
Since the most locally sourced thing at CVS is Mexican Coke, check out Hillside Farmacy, a farm-to-table eatery from the folks behind East Side Showroom and Brooklyn's El Diablo Tacos.
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26) John Mueller Meat Co
2500 E 6th St; 512.571.6509
After leaving his previous post on South 1st in late October, polarizing fire-starter John Mueller re-emerged with this trailer behind East-side dive Kellee's (his watering hole of choice for 10+yrs) to smoke the same meats that've kept him on the shortlist of the most skilled pitmasters in Texas. Also: the line's shorter than Franklin! Kinda!
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27) Wright Bros
500 San Marcos St Suite #105; 512.493.0963
Whether it's a cup of coffee, a beer, or Detlef Schrempf's barber, tons of things can produce a pretty awesome buzz. This spot from two brothers (and their coffee-roaster bro-from-another-mo) combines two of them spectacularly. Also, dude, pastrami sandwich.
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28) Yellow Jacket Social Club
1704 E 5th St; 512.480.9572
One of the best patios in town for consuming tap beers, eating gourmet comfort foods like Cuban sandwiches, and watching hipsters.
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29) The Volstead Lounge and Hotel Vegas
1500 E 6th St; 512.524.1584
Taking over a former East 6th flophouse & brothel (now that's room service!), V&V was transformed by an ATX art curator and a pair of N'awlins transplants into a vintage-style LA-TX cocktail den.
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30) Weather Up
1808 E Cesar Chavez St; 512-524-0464
This dimly lit den offers 14 pages' worth of drinks, served with what Vanilla became when he could no longer afford a tattoo artist: hand-carved ice.
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31) School House Pub
2207 Manor Rd; 512.469.7630
Run by a smiling son of the Mi Madre's clan who formerly helmed Zandunga, this education-themed dealer of educationally-challenging liquids boasts cool decor decisions (hanging books, functioning school bell, punishment blackboard) and a tap list starring TX favorites (Austin Beerworks, Rogness, Adelbert's) and a few out-of-towners like Southern Star, Firestone Walker, and Duck, Duck, Goose Island. And then there's the matter of the chorizo-topped fried deviled eggs…
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32) Cantina El Milamores
1411 E 7th St; 512.628.4466
For a cantina scene where there's no ambiguity about who shoots first, head to the back bar of Takoba, where the mezcal-focused cocktail program was designed by the dude who opened the Grackle.
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33) Salt & Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria
1912 E 7th St; 512.358.6202
It isn't easy to catch Bon Appetit's eye, mostly because magazines don't have organs that detect light and convert it into electrochemical impulses in neurons. And yet local butchers Salt & Time managed to do it with their coffee-rubbed lomo, a piece of press that helped buoy them from farmer's market stand to this brick and mortar.
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34) East Side King at The Grackle
1700 East 6th St; 512.?422.5884
The eye-catching trailer -- painted by Japanese cosmic punk Peelander Yellow -- now offers a restaurant-sized menu inspired by Paul Qui and Moto Utsunomiya's latest trip to the Far East.
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35) Patrizi's
2307 Manor Rd; 512.814.8579
Transplanted from Beaumont by the grandson of the original owner, this is a trailer reincarnation of a 60yr Italian institution that's now posted up behind the Vortex & Butterfly Bar, where, in addition to expanding one's hips, you can also shake them.
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36) Haymaker
2310 Manor Rd; 512.707.2744
A sports bar with an everyman vibe from the folks behind South Austin's Black Sheep Lodge, they're boasting the street's only bar games (darts, shuffleboard, pool), a decor that harkens back to America's nostalgic drinking past, and 40 taps with rarities like Deschutes Chain Breaker and Sixpoint Bengal Tiger, which even Tony would agree is grrrreat!
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37) Via 313
111 E 6th St; 512.939.1927
This Violet Crown Social Club-fronting trailer dishes it out "Detroit-style", which means Sicilian-esque pies cooked in square steel pans formerly used on auto assembly lines.
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38) Kome
4917 Airport Blvd; 512.712.5700
Wham! is going to have to change the lyrics to their breakout hit, because Sushi-A-Go-Go's Kome serves an expanded menu of seaweed-wrapped delicacies as well as homestyle Japanese fare.
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39) Uchiko
4200 N Lamar; 512.916.4808
Fathered by venerable South Austin sushi bungalow Uchi, Uchiko (translating to "daughter of home") boasts a menu pulled exclusively from the best of her parent restaurant's daily specials.
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40) Ramen Tatsu-Ya
8557 Research Blvd
Located in the Asian strip mall off 183 and opened by a chef who trained at Michelin-starred L.A. sushi joint Urasawa, Ramen Tatsu-Ya serves the delicious version of the same stuff you claim got you through college, even though that 40lbs clearly came from chicken-fried steak nights at the Delt house.
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41) drink.well.
207 E 53rd St; 512.614.6683
Focused on American spirits, this cozy addition to North Loop's imbibing renaissance is spearheaded by married Tipsy Tech alums who spent nearly a year on design touches.
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South Austin

42) Sway
1417 S 1st St; 512.326.1999
An Australian-influenced modern Pacific Rim joint (wha??) set up in an old South 1st St tobacco shop sounds odd enough, but it all seems totally normal once you see menu items like Texas Wagyu Jungle Curry. Or not. But it sure is delicious.
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43) La Barbecue: Cuisine Texicana
1502 S 1st St; 512.605.9696
The competitive circuit up-and-comer who masters the pits here merges old-school techniques with an approach as free of dogma as your DVD collection. Your DVD collection is free of Dogma, right? Well, there's always Blu-ray.
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44) Barley Swine
2024 S Lamar Blvd; 512.394.8150
From the esteemed chef behind Odd Duck, this cozy, four-table spot serves whole-hog dishes from crispy pig tails w/ pickles to stuffed-then-fried pig's foot w/ soft boiled egg, mushrooms, mustard vinaigrette, plus creative takes on foie gras and Wagyu.
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45) Lenoir
1807 S 1st St; 512.215.9778
A hotbed of super-fresh, tweaked French cuisine from a chef power couple, Lenoir's daily changing three-course prix fixe menus star proteins like Axis Venison.
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46) Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co
1305 W Oltorf St; 512.298.2242
This new garden run by a pair of Uncle Billy's alums in South Austin is thankfully the type that grows beer: a renovated warehouse-turned-brewpub cranking out a selection of 10 meticulously crafted beers all drinkable inside and out.
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47) Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza
13187 Fitzhugh Rd; 512.900.9079
Located a not-particularly-long stone's throw from Dripping Springs and within hopscotching distance of Jester King Brewery, Stanley's is a family operation that only opens on Saturdays to pad the stomachs of beer-tasting patrons with wood-fired, bubbly-crusted pies topped with heaps of local ingredients.
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1. Josephine House 1601 Waterston Ave, Austin, TX 78703 (Clarksville)

Josephine House has a coffee and cocktail bar and a backyard patio where they sling small plates, drinks, and weekend brunch.

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2. Jeffrey's 1204 West Lynn St, Austin, TX 78703 (Clarksville)

Jeffrey's is a fine dining experience that is unrivaled by any other restaurant in Austin. Their interior is elegant and old fashioned, filled with comfortable lounge chairs, fire places, and mood lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere to dine in. The food is as high quality as the atmosphere, focusing on French American classics and dishes featuring some of the best dry-aged prime beef. Consider going big with the 26oz Texas wagyu bone-in rib eye -- it’s been dry-aged for 32 days, then grilled and roasted over local live oak, and finished in a hot broiler. We recommend adding the foie gras butter.

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3. Clark's Oyster Bar 1200 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703 (Clarksville)

A small neighborhood seafood joint, Clark's Oyster Bar, prides itself on simple, sustainable seafood with a cozy ambiance. This maritime cache also has house-made breads, burgers, and an extensive brunch menu.

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4. Craft Pride 61 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

Craft Pride on Rainey St is a beer bar with 52 drafts on tap, all from the Lone Star state. Featuring options like Hay Merchant in Houston, Craft & Growler in Dallas, and Bangers, brewed right there in Craft Pride’s backyard, Craft Pride's certainly Texas proud. They offer to-go cases of bottles and bombers, all curated by an OG Black Star brewer.

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5. DFG Noodles 74 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701

A stationary food trailer helmed by a gal who not only won Star Search Singapore, but also co-starred with Steven Seagal in Machete, AND ALSO is one of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women... AND she's serving up a super-rare prawn dish that comes COVERED IN PORK BELLY.

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6. Restaurant Jezebel 800 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703 (Downtown)

Bringing a new meaning to "catering to the guest," Restaurant Jezebel's chef prepares meals uniquely to each individual guest. With only 8 tables in the entire joint, each diner fills out a survey highlighting their dietary and palate preferences. In addition to complete reign over the design of your meal, Jezebel's provides personal table-side cocktail service, and features only vintage and rare wines.

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7. Bar Ilegal 609 Davis St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

A 1920's inspired cantina, Bar Ilegal is a mezcal and beer only bar with Latin turntables and stone interior that captivates the guests as much as the authentic cocktails with infusions of dry chili, mint, and hibiscus.

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8. Kingdom 103 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

Kingdom is an innovative, electronic dance club featuring local, renowned DJs that spin everything from dubstep to techno that fit into the dance genre. Try their selection of over 20 brews on tap including a few local favorites like Red Ale and Thirsty Planet or get down with a house-made cocktail.

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9. Bar Congress 200 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

The bar counterpart to Second Kitchen, Bar Congress' craft cocktails use only pure, artisan ingredients in their signature drinks, which accompany an extensive collection of wines and sakes. The bar also serves an array of small plates, snacks, and entrees that are specifically tailored to house spirits.

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10. Swift's Attic 315 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

Located the second floor of the historic (and now defunct grocery store) Swift's Premium Food Co. building on Congress Avenue, the appropriately named Swift's Attic serves up eclectic small plates and creative cocktails for hipstered out Austinites. Among a brunch Bloody Mar bar and generous daily happy hour deals, Swift's offers sophisticated meats, seafood, snacks, and cocktails. Must trys are Korean BBQ flank steak, squid "fries," and the Pop Rocks charred edamame.

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11. Brew Exchange 706 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

Quit putting all your stock into the Dow, you're not really sure what that is anyway. Instead ditch the suit and opt for early happy hour at Brew Exchange. Here you can invest in a lager or an IPA if you're feeling hoppy and adventurous. There are over 100 beers to choose from and the prices fluctuate nightly based on supply and demand. So get a jump on it and beat your neighboring imbiber the stout tonight. See, now wasn't that easier than navigating your stock portfolio (whatever that is)?

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12. Russian House NaZdorovye 307 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

The Russian House NaZdorovye is as traditionally Russian as it sounds: a seasoned team of chefs all hailing from the country serve up plenty of meats, sauteed veggies, and sauerkraut. And then there is, of course, the vodka.

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13. Congress 200 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

As part of the La Corsha Hospitality Group, Congress is a staple for fine dining in downtown Austin. Known for their artistic presentation, Congress' American-style cuisine uses local and sustainable ingredients to offer a seasonally rotating three-course menu and seven-course chef's tasting experience.

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14. Midnight Cowboy 313 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

Once part of Austin's red light district, The Midnight Cowboy, pays tribute to its former brothel glory as a reservation only, "buzz in" cocktail lair, where clients are encouraged to flirt with staff as long as they abide by house rules.

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15. Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden 79 Rainey St, Austin, TX 78701 (Downtown)

Banger's Sausage House and Beer Garden not only provides over a 100 beers on tap, but it's also home to one of the district's largest biergartens. Enjoy live music and all the sausage that you can eat.

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16. Easy Tiger 709 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701 (Austin)

A bakery by day and beer (garden) by night, (also open during the day), Easy Tiger's bake shop features artisanal breads, pretzels, and housemade meats. A combination not often explored, the downstairs barroom allows you retire from your morning coffee and croissant to a night of exploring over 30 local craft brews under a canopy of lights in the outdoor beer garden.

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17. Freedmen's 2402 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705 (Utwest Campus)

This is not your average barbecue joint. Freedman's has a patio and outdoor beer garden that offers a variety of brews on tap as well as a retro soda shop-inspired cocktail list. If you're not a fan of the throwbacks, the $3 tacos, tamales and whiskey of the month happy hour should entice you. Check out this vintage-y, saloon style spot near UT for rollicking night out on the town.

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18. Hopfields 3110 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705 (Hyde Park)

A cathedral-inspired gastropub, Hopfields creates an upscale atmosphere where locals can enjoy craft beer, French wine, and a menu filled with French cuisine (or, at least, French-inspired takes on American classics). You can opt of a low key night of cheese plates and Pinot Grigio, or chow down on the colossal Pascal Burger and a nice craft beer.

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19. Qui 1600 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (East Austin)

The first solo resto from James Beard-winning Paul Qui, Qui (wonder where he got the name...)'s got a 3lb ribeye and Rabbit 7 Ways, not to mention a butt-kickin' cocktail program (much of which is Game of Thrones-themed!). You won't find cooler, more delicious eats and drinks anywhere in town. Oh, AND it's got a sweet patio.

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20. Quickie Pickie 1208 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

A convenience store with 27 BEERS ON TAP, where you can get a rotisserie chicken (to stay or to go!) and a local craft beer. Or opt for many bombers, way-better-than-convenience-store coffee, or made-to-order sandwiches.

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21. Whisler's 1816 East 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

A bar where the bartenders will ask you simple questions and mix you a bespoke drink based off of your answers.

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22. Eden East 755 Springdale Road, Austin, TX 78702 (East Austin)

Eden East is a weekend pop-up at Springdale Farm that's serving food so farm-fresh it's served ON A LITERAL FARM. Plus, they have mountains of pulled pork topped with onion rings. And other things. But yeah, mountains of pulled pork topped with onion rings. That.

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23. Mettle 507 Calles St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

From Bridget "Make It Rainey" Dunlap and a chef who did time at Olivia and Napa's French Laundry, Mettle's got a metal-heavy interior and and delicious eats like a flat iron steak sided with freshly fried potato chips with cheesy Mornay sauce.

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24. Salt & Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria 1912 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

A butcher and bake shop, Salt & Time slices up local and sustainable meats from farms around Austin and Central Texas. On Sundays, they offer a brunch comprised of Tex-Mex (Migas, empanadas) and Southern (biscuits and gravy, pork hash) plates. Each day, it offers a Butcher’s Cut menu with eight to 10 high-quality offerings -- including Angus and wagyu -- cooked to medium-rare heaven in addition to the meat-focused daily menu. If you’re ready to master your home steak game, Salt & Time’s butcher shop has fresh (or aged!), gorgeous steaks ready to be wrapped and weighed. Get your drink on with a Cuvee Coffee pop-up also set up inside the shop and a wide offering of domestic craft brews on tap.

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25. Hillside Farmacy 1209 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

The Hillside Farmacy doubles as a sit down farm-to-table restaurant with daily raw bar and specialty grocery. Their seasonal meats, cheese, and greens are locally sourced and can be enjoyed with a glass of wine or afternoon tea (if you're detoxing from the night before).

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26. John Mueller Meat Co 2500 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

Located behind Eastside dive Kellee's, long time fire-starter John Mueller serves some of the best barbecue in Texas at this trailer eatery. Grab some BBQ pork ribs or fatty brisket, and feast in blissed-out peace at the picnic tables under blue-and-white tent. While Mueller's meats get top marks, his menu's side dishes are not to be missed-- get munching on cheesy squash, sriracha coleslaw, and more.

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27. Wright Bros. Brew & Brew 500 San Marcos St , Austin, TX 78702 (East Austin)

This brew-and-brew shop (meaning, both kinds that'll give you a buzz) is run by a pair of brothers and their coffee-roasting friend, and they'll serve you up a great coffee, a mean selection of beers, or even Niman Ranch-filled sandos.

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28. Yellow Jacket Social Club 1704 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Austin)

This high school mascot-inspired bar has a late-night patio with plenty of ambiance, booze, and not-so-bar-like snacks. Locally soured ingredients make their handmade paninis and apps as tempting as that second drink.

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29. Volstead Lounge and Hotel Vegas 1500 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

This vintage cocktail lounge and its sister bar the Hotel Vegas, known for its live underground music scene, brings a little bit of '60s swank to Austin.

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30. Weather Up 1808 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

Weather Up's wide selection of cocktails are categorized by their respective spirit, allowing for a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style experience. A large, outdoor garden area makes this the perfect place to imbibe when the weather's looking...well you get it.

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31. School House Pub 2207 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722 (Cherrywood)

This education-themed bar is a lot more fun to go to than school, because here they've got tasty 'tails -- like the bourbon-buzzed Physics -- and delectable sandwiches, including an egg-topped pork slider called the Pig Pen.

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32. The Grackle 1700 East 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

With Regal Ravioli moving south and Monarch Food Mart seemingly content with its '22 territory, East Side King's making a play for total '02 sovereignty.

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33. Via 313 1111 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Central East)

Via 313 serves authentic Detroit-style pies which are four square slices of thick, pillowy crust, given extra crunch thanks to a light caramelization of cheese. Two pieces make a perfect bar snack and three a full meal, but that fourth slice is the perfect midnight bite. For the full experience, we suggest going with the double pepperoni Detroiter, topped with arugula.

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34. Kome 4917 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751 (Hyde Park)

Designed by Japanese craftsmen, Kome has a modern atmosphere that compliments its homestyle Japanese comfort food. An extensive menu of Izakaya style meals and sushi rolls have influences from the owners' travels to other parts of Asia, with an added Austin flare.

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35. Haymaker 2310 E Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722 (Cherrywood)

This sports bar serves up gourmet bar bites -- pimento cheese sandos, poutine w/ Wisconsin cheese curds -- and their cocktail menu includes a SLIM JIM-TOPPED BLOODY.

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36. Uchiko 4200 N Lamar, Austin, TX 78756 (North Central)

A contemporary Japanse restaurant in taste and decor, Uchiko is also stakes its reputation in using the freshest ingredients in its seafood and sushi dishes, including flying in fish from Tokyo, daily. With a massive drink menu, from sake to a selection of domestic and international beers, a return trip is imminent.

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37. Ramen Tatsu-Ya 8557 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758 (North Central)

Nothing compares to the lovingly simmered broth made at Ramen Tatsu-ya. The gang here has managed to create a cult classic with their menu. Try their signature bowl of ramen is a rich, complex, pork bone broth filled with thin noodles, tender chashu pork (soy braised pork belly), a marinated soft boiled egg, wood ear mushrooms, scallions, and your choice of add-ins. There is often a line but service moves lightning fast.

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38. Patrizi's 2307 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722 (Central East)

This stationary food truck is a Beaumont transplant that comes backed by a 60yr tradition of Italian cooking, and they've got goodies like meatballs with cinnamon cooked from ancient family recipes.

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39. drink.well. 207 E 53rd St, Austin, TX 78751 (Hyde Park)

This American gastropub specializes in craft cocktails and fresh ingredients. Although drink.well lives up to its name, boasting over 75 different whiskeys and a whole menu section devoted to tiki cocktails, their food does not suffer in spite of the imbibing. Try the Spicy Kimchi Reuben and wash it down with a homemade twinkie. Yes, they change flavors weekly.

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40. Sway 1417 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704 (South Austin)

Sway serves up modern Thai cuisine in a chic atmosphere with refined versions of staples like pad thai and more exotic favorites such as jungle curry. Offered twice daily is Moo Sway, which sounds vaguely like a newfangled dance move, but is actually a family-style smorgasbord. The feast is by reservation only and includes Thai-style pork shoulder, a dozen freshly shucked oysters, and other fixings.

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41. La Barbecue: Cuisine Texicana 902 E Cesar Chavez in the Good Life Food Park, Austin, TX 78704 (South Austin)

This is a no frills barbecue joint is known for their hand made sausage and mean slabs of meat. Behind La Barbecue's fire is veteran pitt boss (which is basically like the General of the BBQ world), John Lewis, who can also churn out whole briskets and racks of ribs to go if you're in a hurry. And did we mention the live music? Yes, every Saturday and Sunday, as it should be in the live music capital.

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42. Barley Swine 2024 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704 (South Austin)

Barley Swine offers artisanal tapas off a dynamic menu that creatively displays the best of Austin's local fare. Craft beers and aged wines are hand selected to accent the key fresh and seasonal ingredients in these small plates. The innovative presentation and evolving dishes allow Barley Swine to boast a communal dining experience with a modern edge.

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43. Lenoir 1807 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704 (South Austin)

A locavore's haven, Lenoir serves French-inspired cuisine that unites community and fresh ingredients to cultivate a new food experience through a seasonal and prix fixe-style menu. Sample dishes from the sea like snapper ceviche with avocado puree, lime serrano and summer melons or rove the land with roasted guinea hen, kasu noodles, antelope ham broth, string beans, and sprouts. Guests can also dine at Lenoir's wine garden, which offers small plates and shareables alongside a variety of beer, cider, and wine.

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44. Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co 1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704 (South Austin)

A brewery from a coupla dudes formerly of Uncle Billy's, ABGB has an enormous outdoor area with lawn chairs and spindle tables, plus eats from sandwiches to snacks to PIZZA.

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45. Searsucker Austin 415 Colorado St, Austin, TX 78701 (Warehouse District)

A steakhouse from San Diego's Chef Brian Malarkey (of Top Chef and The Taste), Searsucker'll have you sucking on bone marrow and gnawing on Tomahawk ribeyes.

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46. Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza 13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, TX 78736 (West Austin)

Stanley's Farmhouse Pizza in Dripping Springs boasts some of the best brewery food, including handcrafted pizza. This spot uses produce grown on-site whenever possible (like Logro's oyster mushrooms on their bechamel sauced Beatrice), the thin Neapolitan-style crust is hand-tossed with care, and the pies come with a great selection of toppings.

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