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Berlin’s best recovery cocktails

Published On 01/02/2014 Published On 01/02/2014
Berlin’s best recovery cocktails
Ellington Hotel
Harry’s New York Bar
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Nicola Berlin
Julep’s New York Bar and Restaurant
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California Breakfast Slam
Melbourne Canteen
Nalu Diner
Katherine Sacks
White Trash Fast Food
Route 66 Diner
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1. Mokkabar Gneisenaustr. 93, Berlin, 10961

This retro Kreuzberg joint serves breakfast 'til 6p, and you'll absolutely love their meal prices and their happy hour deals that begin once breakfast ends!

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2. Ellington Hotel Berlin Nürnberger Straße 50 - 55, Berlin, 10789

This classy hotel is contains 285 rooms and is home to the Duke Restaurant, not to mention the fact that numerous famous musicians played here in their heydays, like Duke Ellington (obvi.), Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald.

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3. Harry's New York Bar Lützowufer 15, Berlin, 10785

Set inside the Grande Hotel Esplanade in Charlottenburg, this distinct drinking outpost serves up a number of craft cocktails, including the possibly-not-so-pleasant Prairie Oyster Cocktail, which is touted as a classic hangover cure.

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4. Gainsbourg Jeanne Mammen Bogen 576/577, Berlin, 10623

This Charlottenburg bar has a number of unique cocktails, as well as a menu reserved specifically for hangover 'tails that features a classic Bloody, as well as a Prairie Oyster, made with olive oil, ketchup, yolk, lemon, and spices.

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5. Jules Verne Schlüterstraße 61, Berlin,

Located in Charlottenburg, this iconic resto doles out an outstanding breakfast buffet and the requisite cocktails to accompany it, such as Bloodys made with plenty of spicy pepper and Tabasco sauce.

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6. Schwarzes Café Kantstr. 148, Berlin, 10623

If you're feeling a bit hungover, or you just want a quality breakfast with some appropriate adult beverages, his these guys up and try out one of their specialty drinks, such as the Sunny Mary, a combo of vodka, eggnog, orange juice, and lemon juice.

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7. Julep's New York Bar & Restaurant Giesebrechtstraße 3, Berlin, 10629

Is you're in Berlin and feel like being in a comfortable American pub, check out Julep's, which has brick walls, wood countertops & fat juicy burgers.

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8. The California Breakfast Slam Innstrasse 47, Berlin, 12045

The brunch at CBS will take your tastebuds on a trip to the Left Coast of the States, serving traditional 'Merican morning faves like bacon & eggs, fluffy pancakes, and hash browns.

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9. Melbourne Canteen Pannierstr. 57, Berlin, 12047

Offering simple meal options, fantastic 'tails, and a service "inspired by the fresh and exciting culinary experience of Melbourne cafe culture", this Neukolln is a good bet for breakfast or drinks.

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10. Nalu Diner Dunckerstr. 80a, Berlin, 10437

This is basically and American diner, through and through, serving a host of classic breakfast options, as well as a juicy burger and also serving drinks in cheap plastic cups (free refills!).

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11. The Bird Am Falkplatz 5, Berlin, 10437

Opened by a pair of dudes from the Big Apple, The Bird brings a little New York dive ambience to Berlin, pouring brews and serving grub like burgers, steaks, and chicken wings.

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12. White Trash Fast Food Schönhauser Allee 6/7, Berlin, 10119

Given the name, it should be no surprise that this Prenzlauer Berg spot has a penchant for gigantic, artery-clogging burgers. But what is Bruce-Willis-was-dead-the-entire-time level shocking about White Trash Fast Food is that it also acts as -- get this -- a tattoo parlor and a club that features an endless rotation of DJs, parties, and live events.

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13. BR101 Torstr 69, Berlin, 10119

You can grab a sammie at this Brazilian drinkery and resto, but the primary draw is their selection of tropical drinks at amazing prices during happy hour.

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14. Route 66 Diner Pariser Str. 44, Berlin, 10707

This isn't a taste of America, this is a giant spoonful of red, white, and blue. Stop by on Sunday for an all-you-can-eat brunch which includes tons of food and classic breakfast 'tails like Bloody Marys and Lynchburg Lemonades.