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5 Smooth Upgrades to Your Home Hosting Game

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The best hosts, like the best athletes, chefs, and chainsaw jugglers, make it look easy. They glide around, just handling things, while you watch and think, Man, that person has a gift. I could never do that. But don’t get blinded by the light of their hosting brilliance! Because while you’re right that they do have a gift, that gift is composed of multiple smaller skills—skills that you can learn. Which means, hey, you could do that, you could host like a champ. To get you started, here are a few easy upgrades to iron out some of the wrinkles in your game. Incorporate them into your repertoire, as baby steps on the path to making hosting look easy.

Create a laminated one-sheet of handy info for your guests

Post it in a logical, easy-to-read location and include information such as:

  • Your home WiFi network and password.
  • Your home/cell phone number.
  • Your address, city, state, zip.
  • Local car services/ cab companies.
  • Local eateries that deliver.
  • Local parking quirks/ inside info.
  • Any irregularities re your facilities/pets/setup that guests should know (eg “gotta jiggle that handle”; “watch dangling digits, the cat will pounce” etc etc).
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Always use a jigger when making cocktails

Jiggers come in multiple shapes, styles, and sizes. Get one and use it religiously when building drinks for your guests. It’ll ensure both a proper balance to your cocktails, and more importantly, that no one gets overserved—which is never a smooth move. Add one of these cocktail apps to your phone—or one of these books to your home bar—for handy access to endless great recipes.

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Always use fresh juice in your cocktails

Get a manual juicer (citrus press); it’s a small investment that’ll make a big impact on your home bartending game. Your drinks will taste better, have better balance, more nutrients, and no added sugar or preservatives. Here’s another pro-tip: Any drink with juice in it should be shaken to fully incorporate the fresh juice, while all others are best stirred. That’s right: James Bond was wrong about his Martinis.

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Level up your garnishes with a zester

Spend eight bucks on one that comes with both a channel knife (for perfect lemon twist garnishes) and a zester. Another small investment with a big payoff when it comes to cocktail quality.


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With just the right piece of clever bar gear, or a handful of insightful tips, you can smoothly level up your home hosting skills. It also helps to have a selection of spirits to satisfy all tastes. For the newbie whiskey explorer in your crew, try stocking Crown Royal Vanilla, a smoother-than-smooth spirit that’s delicious straight, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Stock up, stock up and … stock up

You don’t want to get caught short at your own party, so make sure you have plenty of the following on hand:

  • Food for your guests: Drinking on an empty stomach is the opposite of smooth.
  • A wide selection of beverages, including non-alcoholic options. Smoothly anticipate the needs of ALL your guests.
  • Napkins. Pretty sure you can’t have too many.
  • A supply of disposable hand towels for the bathroom.
  • Plenty of soft soap and TP for the bathroom
  • Extra liners for your wastebaskets. They’ll catch overflow, and will spare you having to hunt and install a new bag when you empty the trash. Another pro-tip: you can convert a laundry hamper into an extra wastebasket as needed. Just line it with a trash bag.

Bonus Upgrade: The Smooth Wrap

One of the hardest hosting moves to pull off with style is the shut down. How do you let your friends know the party’s over? Some tried-and-true ideas:

  • Turn the music down, and the lights up.
  • Shift from serving cocktails to water, seltzer etc.
  • Make a simple announcement like, “Hey, this was a great time and I hate to cut it short, but I’m beat. Let’s do it again soon.”