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The Fig Fashioned: A Terrific Winter Take on a Classic

It’s no surprise that the Old Fashioned has been the world’s most popular cocktail for several years running now. It’s cool, it’s got great depth of flavor, and, like many classic cocktails, it’s endlessly variable. This version, from Silver Trumpet Restaurant and Bar in Costa Mesa, CA, uses fig-infused bourbon as the base spirit. “Fig and bourbon have very complementary profiles,” says Silver Trumpet barman Manny Nieves. “Both have rich, sweet, and warm notes that play off each other nicely.” After the fig-accented bourbon, you swap in maple simple syrup for the conventional sugar cube, and black walnut bitters for standard ones, and you have a warm, winter take on the classic. Goes well with roaring fireplaces, snow falling outside, and holiday tunes.

Here’s the recipe:



  • Combine bourbon, maple simple syrup, and walnut bitters in a Rocks glass with ice.
  • Stir 15-20 times and garnish with an orange twist and two Morello cherries.