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The Rosé Ciders You Should Be Drinking Right Now

Mark Yocca / Supercall

Last year was all Frosé, all the time. Now, there’s a new pink drink that’ll be showing up at pool parties and cookouts: rosé cider. While some are made with actual grapes others get their rosy tint from the apples themselves or other fruits like blueberries. All of these bottles and cans have one thing in common, though: They are all delicious. Here are the rosé ciders you should be drinking this summer.

Virtue Cider Rosé ($10 for a 6-pack)

New to the scene, Virtue Cider is made with 100 percent heirloom Michigan apples and aged in French oak barrels. According to the company, they experimented with aging cider on grape skins and cherries in the past to create rosé ciders, but this one was made with a blend of botanicals, including citrus oil, sage and hibiscus, which gives it that pretty color. Bright and lemony, it’s tart and refreshing with a long lasting tang, making it perfect for pairing with foods like charcoal-grilled burgers or brats. And at 6.7 percent ABV, it has more kick than most beers.

Angry Orchard Rosé ($10 for a 6-pack)

Made with red-fleshed apples from France (and a touch of hibiscus), this rosé cider tends towards the sweeter side of the category, but it still remains balanced with some crisp, green apple notes. The cider doesn’t include any actual wine, but the company says it was inspired by the flavors of rosé. Perfect for sipping poolside or even at brunch, Angry Orchard devotees will not be let down by this new offering.

Shacksbury Cider Rosé ($50 for 12 cans)

Created in partnership with celebrated Williamsburg restaurant and bar, Sunday In Brooklyn, this new cider from the Vermont-based cidery is made with local apples and aged on Marquette grape skins, which give the cider a gorgeous blush and adds a tannic backbone. It smells of apples, honey and spice, and tastes delicious with lots of fresh apple flavors and some hints of cranberry. The price may be more than most, but these cans are worth the splurge.

Original Sin Dry Rosé Cider ($12 for a 6-pack)

The first thing you’ll notice about this pink cider is the feel of the can—it’s matte and grippy, so you won’t risk dropping it. That already gives it bonus points if you’re planning on doing some outdoor drinking. Luckily, the cider in the cool can is equally as good. Made with New York apples, the cider gets its color from grape skin extract. It’s tart and dry with lots of rosé wine flavors and a musty, winery smell. If you love sparkling rosé, you’ll love this.

Citizen Cider bRosé ($12 for 750 ml)

No, this isn’t cider specifically for bros. It’s a rosé cider made with blueberries (hence the “b”). That said, according to Citizen’s website, the cider was made by “three bros right in the great state of Vermont.” The blueberries do more than just add color; they show up on the nose and add some wine-like flavors to the cider. It’s round, spiced and a little toasty, making it a particularly good option for late summer or early fall drinking.

Bold Rock Rosé Cider ($9 for a 6-pack)

Another rosé wine-inspired, cider, this seasonal, Virginia-made cider smells faintly of apples and pink grapefruit. But its flavor is much earthier and full-bodied than its pale color and aroma belie. It’s a little sour and funky, almost like a traditional Basque-style cider. This is the easy-drinking cider you should have on hand all the time.  

Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider ($16 for a 4-pack)

With its striking surrealist label and unique, squat bottles, it’s hard to miss this Hamptons-based rosé cider. Made with New York apples and colored with an “organic extract,” this crushable cider is extremely versatile. You can easily serve it at dinner party and impress your guests (pair it with spicy foods or grilled pork), or you can drink it straight from the bottle on the deck on a sunny Sunday. Clean and dry with some notes of herbs and berries, this is a summer classic.