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5 Savory Vodkas for the Best Bloody Marys Ever

In a Bloody Mary, vodka’s job is to provide the cocktail with a boozy kick—and not much else. The flavor of a Bloody is usually unaffected by your choice of vodka, but not if you opt for a bold, savory flavored vodka. While you could make your own bacon vodka at home (it’s easy), you can also buy savory flavored vodkas at the liquor store for an even easier Bloody Mary upgrade. From spicy pepper to aromatic basil, these delicious bottlings will add both alcohol and oomph to your brunch cocktail.

Heritage D’s Seasoned Vodka ($28)

This vodka (one of our favorite new vodkas of 2017) was crafted specifically for Bloody Marys. Flavored with rosemary, thyme, garlic, black pepper, sun-dried tomato, and other herbs and spices, the collaboration between Heritage Distilling and Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mix tastes as if a Bloody Mary was distilled down into a potent, nearly clear spirit. Use it to make a flavor-blasted Bloody by stirring it into Bloody Mary mix (store-bought or homemade), or simply add it to tomato juice for an insta-Bloody.

Crop Organic Tomato ($30)

If your Bloody Mary needs even more umami-filled tomato flavor, try this brightly flavored vodka. It brings notes of fresh, ripe, red tomatoes to a Bloody Mary, turning the drink into a garden-fresh cocktail. It’s the perfect addition to a Bloody in the winter or early spring, when you haven’t seen sunlight in weeks and you just need to pretend for one minute that the world is green again.

Absolut Peppar ($20)

The flavored vodka that started it all, Absolut’s pepper-flavored vodka kicked off flavored vodka fever in the U.S. Introduced in 1986, the vodka was created for bartenders looking to spice up their Bloody Mary game. Zesty and spicy, it tastes like a blend of peppers: green bell pepper, hot chile pepper and jalapeños. For many, it’s as necessary for a Bloody Mary as tomato juice.

Square One Basil ($35)

Give your Bloody a Mediterranean twist with this mouthwatering vodka flavored with four different types of basil: Genovese, Thai, lemon and sweet. It gives your Bloody a new level of flavor with its savory, herbal quality. Of course, you shouldn’t limit this herbaceous vodka to Sunday mornings. It is excellent in sweet or sour drinks as well—especially anything made with lime juice or mango.

Chilled Dills Pickle Flavored Vodka ($20)

Those in the know often splash a little pickle juice into their Bloody Mary for extra brine and tang. But the the real pros go straight to pickle-flavored vodka. Made with real pickles and real pickle juice, Chilled Dills’ pickle vodka is the perfect balance of brine and booze. It gives Bloodies a fantastic, tangy kick—and makes a mean Dirty Martini.