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Toast the Season with the Ultimate Spiked Gingerbread Latte

You can buy the gingerbread syrup called for in this delightful holiday recipe, or you can really lean into the spirit of the season and make your own. Either way, so much holiday cheer is involved. Check out the lineup: Cognac, Baileys Original Irish Cream, coffee, silky cinnamon-ginger whipped cream, and the aforementioned gingerbread syrup. When it comes to deliciously indulgent winter warmers, you could do a lot worse. But you couldn’t do better.

Complete recipe here:

Ingredients |

Method |

  • Add the Cognac and gingerbread syrup to a glass mug and stir to combine.
  • Pour the coffee into the mug, top with Baileys Irish Cream, and stir gently.
  • Top with ginger-cinnamon spiced whipped cream.
  • Ooof. So good.