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Get learned on booze while drinking it

If you enjoy learning about things like cocktails, history, and a kinder, gentler time in Boston's past when dudes used to make booze in the place where they'd clean themselves, then you're going to love the Beagle's Bawdy Boston party.You'll get to take down at least two Prohibition-themed libations (because they come with the price of admission) like the top-pictured Deception (white whiskey, yellow Chartreuse, Amaro Averna), and this aged whiskey, King's Ginger, and bitters-blended number named for the Hub's most infamous bootlegger, "King Solomon" (not to be confused with the dude who had 700 wives and 300 concubines). They'll also have thankfully not Prohibition-style eats (you suck soda bread!) like grilled pear w/ smoked Gouda & spicy pecan brittle, rye crostinis w/ salmon & apple, and this quail egg-topped beef tartare, all of which'll be served, much like UTEP, Murray St, and 'Cuse during their 2010 March Madness run, "butler style".While eating that Gouda-covered pear, listen to author Stephanie Schorow (not pictured above!) regale the room with sordid tales of the Hub's bootlegging past taken from her book, Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits, which you'll get a gratis autographed copy of, hopefully inscribed "Avoid the clap, Jimmy Dugan". Once you've tucked your book inside your pants, hit up the cocktail competition between the Beagle tenders and the dudes from Bully Boy and taste three secret concoctions that may or may not look like the one pictured above, sadly none of which were created in dirty, 1920s bathtubs.