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Score a Buy One Get One Free deal on the energy of the future

AeroShot™ Energy, an air-based, powdered shot of smart energy with 100mg caffeine and B vitamins, provides the same energy boost as a large coffee, yet can go in the pocket, on a bike ride, into a cage match, and -- unlike a cup of boiling liquid -- does not need to be chugged before going through airport security. With no calories, no sugars, and no weird mystery ingredients you find in most energy drinks, it’s just the energy you want without any of the other stuff you don’t.Fading before the commute’s even over? Take a shot. Morning meeting’s brutally dull? That’s a shot. Post-bacon-triple-cheeseburger-because-who-orders-salads-at-fast-food-joints food coma? Better believe that’s a shot. Okay maybe two shots, but that still leaves 1-2 AeroShot™ Energy uses before the mid-afternoon “Regroup on this morning’s meeting” meeting.