Boston’s Mocktail and Zero-Proof Cocktail Scene Has Really Upped Its Game

From booze-free beer to intricate concoctions, the best non-alcoholic drinks in Boston.

From dimly-lit Irish dives to superbly-curated craft cocktail bars, Boston is brimming with booze-heavy watering holes stretching from the depths of Dorchester up to Chelsea Creek. Yet, with each passing year, the city’s spirit-free mixology scene continues to flourish.

Bolstered by an increased interest in the health benefits that stem from avoiding alcohol, bars across the region have begun to dabble in the art of the mocktail, with no shortage of 0% ABV craft beers and other beverages to sample as well. Whether you’ve 86ed alcohol from your life permanently or just feel like giving Dry January a shot, these charming Bay State venues are perfect for a flavorful foray into the local drinking scene without leaving the slightest hint of a hangover. Here’s where to get the best non-alcoholic cocktails in and near Boston right now.

Best Non Alcoholic Drinks in Boston
NA Cosmo at Bistro du Midi | Photo courtesy of Bistro du Midi

Best Non Alcoholic Drinks in Boston

South End, $8 and up
Citrus-infused octopus, hummus shawarma, and shish barak are just a few of the eye-catching dishes up for grabs at ilona, an elegant South End restaurant that’s located just south of the Mass Ave T stop. Booze-averse beer fans can sample pints from Clausthaler and Athletic Brewing Co during a visit, but for those in search of a particularly flavorful mocktail, the Purple Haze is a top choice thanks to its tropical and citrus fruit notes mingled with the rich sweetness of Peruvian chicha morada.

Back Bay, $14
A recent addition to the Bay State hospitality scene, the Raffles Boston draws inspiration from one of Southeast Asia’s most dazzling historic hotels—and for a taste of this lavish property in liquid form, it’s best to head to Long Bar. A take on the original property’s iconic bar in downtown Singapore, visitors can find a lengthy beverage list alongside stunning views from the 17th floor terrace. To toast to your visit, be sure to snag a non-alcoholic Penicillin, with lemon juice, ginger syrup, and Lyre's Highland Malt all coming together to form a truly refreshing take on the classic cocktail.

South Boston, $10
A paradise for plant-based diners, Southie’s Lulu Green comes complete with a lengthy menu that’s loaded with vegan plates served alongside flavorful mocktails. The light citrus, lime, and agave notes of the Wandering Eye pair perfectly with an order of seitan and guacamole-loaded Benito’s Tacos, while the Sweet Cock-Tail Tease marries grapefruit and grenadine with hibiscus lemonade kombucha, with each ingredient coming together to leave lingering hints of sweetness on the palate.

Seaport District
Adorned with verdant vegetation and colorful pops of crimson, Para Maria provides diners with a rich tapestry of flavors that draw influence from Korea, Cuba, New England, and beyond. Dinner dishes span from Croquetas De Jamón to Korean Beef Tacos, but for health-conscious diners, nothing beats a morning visit to take advantage of Wellness Brunch. Available each Saturday and Sunday throughout January 2024, this concept invites visitors to dine on protein-rich dishes paired with zero-ABV mocktails like the yerba mate-infused Social Strawberry Mai Tai and the chamomile-forward Time For Recess.

Theater District
Housed within the stately Revere Hotel, Rebel’s Guild offers a fascinating spin on the classic tale of Paul Revere, adorned with eclectic steampunk flourishes designed to commemorate Boston’s favorite Founding Father. While craft cocktails span from fiery agave concoctions to refreshing gin tipples, one particularly enticing NA beverage can be experienced in the form of Paul’s Morning Sip. Loaded with Seedlip Spice 94 and cold brew concentrate, this take on an espresso martini offers all the caffeine without a drop of alcohol.

Whether you’re craving fresh sushi, Southern barbecue, or a decadent donut, Time Out Market Boston has got you covered. This Fenway concept offers fifteen different drinking and dining concepts all neatly tucked into one space, and as an added bonus, the venue’s mastery within the field of mixology also extends into mocktails. Turmeric and hibiscus take center stage in the aquafaba-topped No New Friends, while the Miami Nice brings a taste of the tropics to Boston thanks to its pineapple, coconut, and 0% ABV Lyre’s White Cane spirit.

Seaport District, $8 and up
Sustainability is a central pillar of the Woods Hill Pier 4 dining program, with much of the restaurant’s produce and animal protein hailing from surrounding New England farms. Dishes span all walks of life here, with savory seafood options like black bass crudo and butter poached lobster served alongside dry-aged duck breast and smoked ham hock croquettes—and in addition to craft cocktails and a wide array of wines, this elegant Seaport property also offers a small roster of stellar NA beverages to sample. For a take on the classic Mai Tai, the Fly-Tai packs in pineapple and orgeat without any of that pesky booze, while the Blueberry Nojito offers plenty of mint flavor sans the typical rum.

Back Bay, $8 and up
Sober seafood lovers rejoice: Back Bay’s Banks Fish House is dishing out east coast oysters, fried clams, and a couple of stellar mocktails to kick off the new year. For a particularly complex set of flavors, the Grapefruit Almond Tonic brings a hearty blend of grapefruit cinnamon cordial and orgeat to the table, topping it all off with a dose of Fever Tree to give it the perfect touch of effervescence. If you’re looking for some sweetness to pair with a savory Chowda Flatbread, the Cherry Lime Rickey is the perfect choice.

Back Bay, $10 and up
Equipped with a roaring fireplace, Mediterranean pottery, and a wealth of decadent dishes ranging from pommes frites to bouillabaisse, Bistro du Midi is one of Boston’s top spots for refined French fare—and to up the elegance factor, this cozy venue has been a strong proponent for no-ABV cocktails for years. The Spicy Citrus Mule packs a serious habanero and ginger punch, while the Espressotini provides the perfect caffeine buzz without any pesky morning-after effects to deal with.

Multiple locations, $7 and up
After two successful forays into Dorchester and the South End, Yellow Door Taqueria opened their third location at the tail end of 2022, bringing some seriously flavorful Mexican flair to Mission Hill. While the restaurant is best known for its diverse array of margaritas, Yellow Door is no stranger to ABV-free beverages as well, offering a couple of spirit-free options to crush with your chicken tinga flautas and birria tacos. The Faux-Mosa is a particularly refreshing mocktail, but if you want a punch of caffeine, grab a Death Before Decaf, an espresso-infused concoction with notes of hazelnut and demerara.

Back Bay, $12
The cocktail oracles over at Hecate have been working their third eyes overtime lately, kicking off the year with a slew of booze-free elixirs. Affectionately dubbed “Dry Spells,” these complex creations are spirit-forward only in the mythological sense, each one inspired by folklore from across the globe. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the Vimana is a silky-smooth option laden with mango and salted pistachio, while the Baba Yaga unites red beet, pickled onion, and ginger for a double-punch of earthiness and salinity.

Best Non Alcoholic Drinks in Boston
Photo courtesy of Night Shift Brewing

Best Non Alcoholic Drinks Near Boston

Harvard Square, $8 and up
Just a few steps away from Harvard Yard, Alden & Harlow has mastered the art of both hearty New American fare and mocktail-making, providing diners with a few refreshing options to sip on as they enjoy their meal. During warmer months, the Spa Day offers a soothing blend of cucumber, basil, and tonic to sip alongside an order of Seared Bluefin Crudo, while the cranberry-forward Winter Wreath is best accompanied by a plate of Smoked Chicken Raviolo. Not content to just offer mocktails, Alden & Harlow also has an option for booze-free beer fans, with the Al’s Non-Alcoholic Pilsner gracing the menu as well.

While Night Shift has become a Bay State favorite thanks to flavorful beers like the Whirlpool Hazy Pale Ale and Fluffy Hazy IPA, this illustrious brewery is spreading their wings into the NA category with the release of the Featherweight IPA. While the brew clocks in at 0% ABV, it still packs the same rich flavors found all throughout the Night Shift portfolio, with sweet notes of tangerine and mango on the palate thanks to its high concentration of Citra hops.

Fresh off the heels of a 2023 James Beard Award nomination, chef Rachel Miller has vaulted Nightshade Noodle Bar to stardom across the the Bay State thanks to her elaborate tasting menus that seamlessly blend Vietnamese and French flavors—and this polished Lynn venue is no slouch when it comes to mocktails either. In terms of classic cocktail dupes, the Phony Negroni offers an identical flavor profile without a touch of ethanol, while the Cù-Lao Ré offers a refreshing blend of citrus and smoke-infused Thai banana.

While it’s a bit far from Boston proper, those who make the journey to Milford will be richly rewarded with top-tier wood-fired pizza courtesy of Rail Trail Flatbread Co. Operating out of a former bank, this charming venue slings up savory pies ranging from Buffalo Chicken to Mexican Corn to Fig and Walnut—all of which pair perfectly with a refreshing mocktail. The Lemon Blueberry Spritz is a favorite thanks to its effervescence and bright notes of citrus, while the Berry Smash is the perfect option for any former margarita fans.

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