5 reasons to hit Boston Brew Tours' Summer Singles Series

Like beer? Like meeting women? Feel that it’s a plus if said women also like beer? Boston Brew Tours has launched their Summer Singles Series so you can mingle with other malt-minded individuals, bringing you one step closer to someone who loves lagers as much as you do. Here are five reasons why you should drink and date:

1. $50 gets you pretty far
How far is up to you. The price includes brewery fees, round-trip transpo, light apps, and lots of beer (see item #2). Hopefully you can secure some digits as well, assuming you are as smooth as that Hefeweizen you’re sampling. Get your tickets here

Plentiful Beers Boston Brew Tour Summer Singles Series
Night Shift Brewing

2. The beer is plentiful
Samples will be ample throughout the jaunt as you visit any three of these breweries (depending on the evening): Night Shift Brewing, Idle Hands Craft Ales, Mystic Brewery, Harpoon Brewery, Downeast Cider, and Beer Works. Compare tasting notes in order to screen potential candidates. If you both detect hints of coriander… it’s ON!

3. Like you’re ever busy on a Wednesday...
You have two chances to find your love connection: Wednesday, July 2nd and/or Wednesday, August 6th, at 6pm sharp. You thusly won’t have to sacrifice your weekend plans of sitting home alone playing Wolfenstein: The New Order and eating Tombstone pizzas for 48 straight hours.

Full Evening Boston Brew Tour Summer Singles Series
Night Shift Brewing

4. It’s a full evening
The tour lasts 3.5 hours, which should give you plenty of time to talk with persons of interest. Or plenty of time to acquire enough liquid courage to finally open your mouth and start talking.

5. Even if you don’t acquire a number, you’ll acquire KNOWLEDGE
Sure, you might already fancy yourself a beer expert. But the knowledgeable tour staff and brewery personnel who will be guiding you are expert-er. They’ll walk you through the tastings and processes, filling your belly and brain simultaneously. Pay close attention to what your new "friend" likes for future reference.