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Seven Cambridge spots you might not know about

Published On 05/20/2013 Published On 05/20/2013
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1. Coast Cafe 233 River St, Cambridge, MA 02139

If you're craving soul food, make a beeline for Central Square's Coast Cafe, where authentic Southern-style fried chicken, slow-smoked BBQ ribs, and hearty sides like baked mac & cheese and fried plantains are yours for the gorging. The friendly team here serves only lunch and dinner, but the kitchen opens at 11am on Saturdays, making Coast and its chicken & waffles a solid brunch contender. Be prepared to take it with you, as there are only a few seats in this modest counter-serve spot.

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2. Danger!Awesome 10 Prospect St, Cambridge, MA 02139

After they helped Ok Go (those dudes on treadmills) shoot a video, two MIT grads were on the receiving end of some pretty advanced laser-etching technology courtesy of the band. And what did they do with that amazing education and their new equipment? They opened a store that will handsomely engrave nearly anything you want (DUH) - MacBooks, iPhones, briefcases, etc.

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3. Andala Coffee House 286 Franklin St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Stop by this Middle Eastern coffee shop for a relaxed cup of joe and an Arabic-bread sando -- or just to enjoy an afternoon hookah sesh on the pretty patio.

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4. Havana Club 288 Green St, Cambridge, MA 02139

If you're looking for somewhere to late-night salsa, this place's got you covered with a club that fits 300-plus and offers a full bar and complimentary lessons. You might have to look a little hard, though, as it's housed inside Green St's Greek American Political Club (just follow the signs). If you just want some late-night salsa for your Fritos, though, you'll have better luck elsewhere.

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5. Keezer's Classic Clothing 140 River St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Affordable vintage and second-hand suits & tuxes are the go-to goods at this institution, where JFK himself sold his suits during his time at Hahvahd.

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6. River Gods 125 River St, Boston, MA 02139

Did you accidentally stumble onto the set of Alice in Wonderland 2: Winter is Coming? No -- you’ve just walked into one of the weirdest and coolest bar-staurants in Central Square. Pay homage to the river gods by slurping down an Amazon’s worth of classic cocktails, then chase it down with one of their tasty sandos, all amidst the gargoyle-bedecked walls, red-velvet seating, and Halloween-year-round decor.

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7. Mass Ave Diner 906 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

A trendy, but cozy joint that serves a less greasier version of your all-time favorite comfort food and breakfast whenever you want. All for less than 15 bucks. Perfection.