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The Painted Burro gets a lounge

In what is possibly just a veiled attempt to keep Tufts students completely separated from dinner patrons, Davis Square's popular tequila and taco joint's annexed their adjoining one-time neighbor Spike's Junkyard Dogs and turned it into a rustic, heavier-on-the-brown-booze, 45-seat lounge with a wall-length hard pine bar.

See the picture above: That's your view after entering through the same door, smiling at the hostess, and turning right instead of left. Don't mess that up.

Assuming the aforementioned Jumbos haven't already pumped the jukebox full of "Harlem Shake", feel free to select the latest from Reba McEntire's underrated second album..

...before grabbing one of eight reclaimed-wood tables along the wall

Then stare longingly at this cooler stocked full of choice Mexican cerveza.

If you don't like red leather bar stools, things are going to get awkward fast, 'cause they've got 18 of them

And 20 draft lines for that matter, including local faves Slumbrew, Night Shift, and High & Mighty.

U-S-A! U-S-A! Oh. Right. Mexico.

While they're still rocking over 100 bottles of tequila and mezcal, expect an expanded assemblage of brown spirits in the coming months

Love their Yucatan meatloaf, crispy pork flautas, and salted-beef-tongue tacos w/ refried charro beans but're afraid they won't be served in the bar and too socially awkward to ask? Sleep easy, friend. While they'll be rolling out a tortas-friendly bar menu down the road, the full menu is still available

So slowly put down that tequila gun. Everything is going to be OK