Spicy lamb sausage and Old World vino in Davis Square

Eager to once again strike out on her own, the wine buyer at Davis Square's Dave's Fresh Pasta and former college hoops coach AND former owner of Mobile, Alabama's most popular martini bar has turned the adjoining Black & Blues clothing store into a sophisticated stable of small plates, craft cocktails, and wines so Old World, Wally Szczerbiak's grandfather's grandfather drinks them. Snag a stool at the bar, then sigh and say, "Man, what a day" to the bartender, and force him to engage you in conversation. See you later all-encompassing loneliness!If wine is the main event, then let's start with the undercard, a carefully curated lineup of suds that includes 750ml bottles to share and drafts from Saranac & Uncommon Brewers.Assuming you're feeling a bit peckish, kick things off with some raw oysters, pickled sardines, or this handsome plate of flatbread-accompanied spreads that includes chickpea herb and piquillo almond. If you enjoy felt and mirror-lined walls as much as the next guy, you're going to lose your mind here, because that's exactly what they have. Keep holding off on that wine by trying one of their curated cocktails, like the mezcal and Chartreuse Afterward. Because man can but probably shouldn't live on spreads alone, take a gander at some of the menu's other offerings, like steak tartare, spicy lamb sausage w/ pine nuts, and... ... this roasted swordfish flanked by a blood orange, cauliflower, and black olive salad.And finally, as it is a wine bar and the owner is a wine buyer, settle in for the main event: a hand-selected, 50-plus bottle lineup of "intriguing" small-batch wines from across the globe.