Fort Point's first farmhouse-style brewery

Because apparently working full-time jobs, opening a fitness business, and raising two young kids wasn't keeping them busy enough, the quite-possibly-insane super-couple behind Trillium has spent the last two years turning their small home-brewing operation into a full-fledged Fort Point brewery. Behold:Built out of hard pine beams reclaimed from a building on nearby A Street, the bar/retail shop is officially open for business from Thursday thru Saturday.While they're still awaiting city approval to serve tastings, get a feel for the current offerings posted up on the big board.Then nod approvingly at these handsome tap handles handcarved by a local Southie-based woodworker.If you said to yourself, "You know, that actually looks like a dairy tank," then you were probably raised in Vermont. And are very astute in the ways of dairy farming, 'cause it was (!!), just tricked-out to brew beer.While they're currently souring a rye-based saison in bourbon barrels, most of the aging is done in these wooden PX and Oloroso sherry numbers.When they finally get the greenlight to serve, you'll be able to enjoy a delicious glass of their signature Trillium farmhouse-style ale or hoppy Fort Point Pale Ale right there on the premises.Until then, though, you're going to want to stop by to fill up a couple of 64oz growlers. And get t-shirts. Because you like t-shirts.