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Music-themed libations in JP

Fresh off celebrating their two-year birthday, the folks at JP's popular tapas/wine bar/book & record shop are celebrating that age where you ask annoying questions you couldn't possibly understand the answers to, with a lineup of classic-meets-creative libations that are heavy on the cordials/exotic infusions, boast literature- & music-themed muses, and can be consumed either at the bar or whilst excitedly perusing the store's collection of Whitesnake box sets

Bitter Giuseppe:Possibly named for the mood Verdi was in when he found out Wagner got the Apocalypse Now gig, this Cynar and Carpano Antica number's mixed with lemon juice & orange bitters, and served on the rocks

Spring Bamboo:Despite sharing the name with a very engaging collection of contemporary Chinese short stories by translator Jeanne Tai, this seasonal take on the classic libation has nothing to do with a village famous for its ballad singers, and instead boasts Oloroso sherry, French aperitif Bonal Gentiane-Quina, and Angostura bitters

Floyd:Damn right it's Pink. But the Floyd also blends Invison fino sherry with a house-infused pomegranate white pepper shrub, so if you drink more than one, you're all but guaranteed to hit the wall. Or at least the floor.