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Your April 25-May 1 Event Punchlist

Sailing in Boston Harbor

Thursday: Popular Hub designer Regan Smith Clarke just unveiled his "Boston Brotherhood" tribute tee, available for pre-order this very morning with 100% of the profits going to charity. Get yours now
Half the cash raised at this tonight's Friends with Benefits Gala is headed to the One Fund.
Buy your ticket, find a friend
Catch all of tonight's live first-round NFL draft action at the Liberty at the Colonial Inn's NFL Draught Party, where they'll be pouring 1775 Tavern Ale and slinging calamari fingers and smoked wings.
And with the 29th pick...
Friday: Fan of Bravo's Top Chef? Well, season 4 contestant Executive Chef Manuel Trevino is cooking for you this weekend in Kennebunkport as part of The White Barn Inn's Guest Chef Series.
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Love Beacon Hill's Tip Tap Room but wish they served more than just "tips"? Consider your wish granted, as they just rolled out a tip-less entree menu complete with Wagyu flank steak and antelope meatloaf.
Plus more that you must read about...
Saturday: Spend the weekend learning to sail or, at the least, scoring free boat rides as the
Boston Sailing Center and Community Boating both host their open houses

Ensure the Summer you spent on a Vermont farm wasn't for naught by demonstrating your above average shearing skills at this weekend's Sheepshearing Festival

If you love hanging out after work at the FiDi's Nix's Mate, then you'll probably be pleased to know you can now also hang there after taking your parents to the Mayflower. Or Plymouth Rock. Or Plimoth Plantation. Or whatever. A second outpost of Nix's is now open

Catch a ride with Uber and score discounted food at select Downtown spots like jm Curley and Stoddards through the 28th. It's all part of their new Neighborhood Love program

The Design Museum Boston's unveiling benches from the 20 semi-finalists in their Street Seats competition. Fort Point Channel. 1p. Have a seat.
Sunday: Free grilled cheese sandwiches this Sunday at Cheeseboy from 1-6p.
Enough said; go forth and eat
Sunday night, Salvatore’s Seaport is hosting a three-course culinary competition dubbed “The Right Stuff" that pits two students from Le Cordon Bleu against one another. Find out how to be a
part of the action here

Possibly an odd choice of location, but the North End's Old North End now boasts a brand new chocolatier, Captain Jackson's Colonial Chocolate Shop. Pay a visit
The second half of Bodega's Spring/Summer '13 collection is now in. They're also donating $5 to the One Fund for every piece of Bodega clothing/shoes purchased.
Go restock your wardrobe
Monday: Scotch Alert! Waban Kitchen's hosting a five-course single-malt Scotch dinner Monday night complete with grilled venison and seared-fowl-liver ragout.
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Or perhaps you're in more of a wine mood, in which case the North End's Lucia is hosting a four-course pairing dinner at 6p.
Score the deets
Tuesday: Before you head out for your morning run, order one of Saucony's two-sided lace medallions that features the viral hashtag/unity motto #BostonStrong on one side and a custom-designed, laced-up heart on the other.
Proceeds go to the One Fund
This week at Trade's hat-tip series to small-batch distillers and brewers: Ipswich's Privateer Rum. Try it with an assortment of small plates.
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Get learned on pairing the right cocktails with the right food at Tuesday's BCAE seminar taught by Alma Nove's Chef Jim Caputo and mixologist Chris Lincoln.
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Wednesday: Berkshire Mountain Distillers has created a new version of its popular ethereal gin exclusively for Legal Seafoods. Pop by to try it in one of Legal's
Spring/Summer cocktails

Assuming ordinary cupcakes aren't good enough, you'll be happy to know that Wicked Good Cupcakes is opening Wednesday at Faneuil Hall.

NFL Draft
Design Museum Boston Street Seats Design Contest
Saucony's Lace Medallions