Food & Drink

All-you-can-eat franks, bow tie bar crawls, and riot-starting wine


  • Join TV Diner's Billy Costa and Jenny Johnson tonight at NF Northeast's 25th anniversary charity gala in the Seaport's Black Falcon Terminal. Open bar. Hors d’oeuvres. Chef tastings. Models. Get your ticket here
  • Assuming you're a huge (or maybe even just a moderate) fan of Sweet Tomatoes Pizza, then consider your Thursday lunch planned, as they've just rolled out a new food truck. Find out where they'll be serving this afternoon.


  • Skip out of work early and make the quick jaunt up to sexy Portsmouth, where they just kicked off restaurant week. See which restaurants are in, here.
  • You know it. You love it. It started in Boston, and you've been going every year since 2008. This weekend at the Park Plaza Castle, the Wine Riot. If you haven't already, score your tix now.


  • Don your sportiest bow tie and "dress to impress" as you spend the evening on this six-stop, prize-laden Boston Bow Tie Bar Crawl that starts at the W Lounge and ends with you asleep in a doorway at the Hong Kong. Don't be late
  • Before you start drinking, though, best to lay a foundation by first hitting Newbury Street's newest pizzeria, the Proper Slice. See it here
  • Because it's embarrassing when you throw Pats watching parties and nobody eats your nachos, spend an afternoon learning the tricks of the trade from a professional chef, including how to roast chilis and make homemade salsa, guac, and spicy cheese dip. Sign up now


  • No joke, Wrestlemania 29 is going down on Sunday night. And, amazingly, you can watch it at a bar, The Dubliner Pub, in Porter Square. See for yourself
  • Mean trolls steal your messenger, briefcase, or tote on your last trip to Norway? Then head down to South End fave Uniform and let Gary put you into one Freitag's latest looks. See them in more detail
  • The folks at the Charles Hotel's Noir are extremely excited for Sunday's Mad Men premiere, so you should join them dressed in your best '60s styles and watch it on their giant HD projection screen. Get the deets


  • Assuming Saturday's nacho-making class got you fired up for Mexican, well, head back for round two with Ole's Erwin Ramos on Monday night. Again, you'll need to sign up.
  • Can't land tix to the Sox home opener? Catch it instead at the South End's Coda Bar & Kitchen, where they'll be serving five different kinds of hot dogs, including the mustard and kraut New York "Dirty Water", Classic Fenway Franks, and a chili & white onion number dubbed the Detroit "Coney Island". What are the other two? Click this link to find out
  • And speaking of Fenway Franks, buy a beer after 130p at South Street Diner and eat as many as you can stuff in your face until the game's over.
  • Also, in case you missed the announcement, the Red Sox are selling beer for $5 during all April home games. Plan accordingly


  • Start the week on a chill note, kicked back at Harvard's Club Passim and listening to Irish singer songwriter Steafan Hanvey play some tunes off his just-released album, Nuclear Family. Hear the tracks, score the tickets
  • If you live in or near Arlington and enjoy eating buckets of fried chicken that aren't made by KFC or Popeye's, well then prepare to get really excited, 'cause Tryst is debuting $20-a-box Fried Chicken Tuesdays. Consider your week made


  • Turner Fisheries wants you to eat something new on hump day, and to prove it, they've unveiled a fresh lunch lineup complete with broiled trout and crab cake sammies. See the full menu in all of its glory.