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The Most Affordable Drinking Destinations to Travel to This Month

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If you’re trying to beat the summer crowds, the time to plan your getaway is now. Whether you want to get out of town for a long weekend or escape for an entire month, there are a lot of great spots to hit. And best of all, they offer top notch drinking, from raging parties to well appointed cocktail bars.

Thanks to some analysis from the travel app Hopper, which tracks flights and ticket prices all over the world for users, we have a window into which destinations will have prices come down the most in May. Now, all these numbers are based on historical data, so they may not be exact, but here are the drinking destinations in America and around the world that will be most affordable this month.


New Orleans (Avg r/t price $299, prices will drop 35%)

As far as we’re concerned there is almost nowhere else on Earth better to drink in than New Orleans. The city has an entire slate of classic cocktails invented there from the Sazerac to the Vieux Carré to the Ramos Gin Fizz. They also came up with the Hurricane, which fuels the parties on Bourbon Street. And while they didn’t invent the idea of walking around with your drink, they do a hell of a job of facilitating it. Order you Daiquiri to go and do NOLA right.

Las Vegas (Avg r/t price $214, prices will drop 24%)

Free drinks are not quite as plentiful as they once were in Vegas casinos, but if you play your cards right (gambling pun intended) you can still pick up a gratis Rum and Coke at the blackjack table. But Vegas is so much more than just slot machines and card games. Even hotels and casinos have started paying close attention to the quality of their cocktail offerings. For example, the Dorsey at the Venetian and Rosina at the Palazzo got an assist from Attaboy’s Sam Ross in designing the menu. And there are, of course, over the top drinking experiences, like the four-story wine tower at Aureole scaled by Wine Angels who retrieve your bottles for you.

Denver (Avg r/t price $198, prices will drop 23%)

The fact that Denver serves as a hub for low cost Frontier Airlines doesn’t hurt in keeping prices down generally, but that’s even truer this time of year. And once you’re there the city has plenty to offer on the drinking front. Though it is regularly at the top of the list of American cities when it comes to breweries per capita, Denver doesn’t just have quantity when it comes to craft beer, it has quality—Great Divide, TRVE, Black Project—the good places are plentiful and come in every shape and size. Denver also has a burgeoning spirits scene (stop by Leopold Bros. Distillery) and, oh yeah, that other non-alcoholic thing you can do to get a buzz.

New York (Avg r/t price $255, prices will drop 22%)

New York has seven bars that make the list of the world’s 50 best—only London has more. But it’s not just upscale cocktail spots in NYC. Every kind of drinking experience you could possibly want, from the diviest dives to pop culture pop-ups to breweries and distilleries to thumping dance clubs. If you come, you better stay a while to take it all in.


Rome (Avg r/t price $693, prices will drop 39%)

Around this time of year we start yearning for a good Italian aperitivo hour and you can’t get more authentic than doing it in Rome. A sunny day with an Aperol Spritz is about as perfect as you can get.

Paris (Avg r/t price $651, prices will drop 28%)

The cocktail revolution is in full swing in Paris. Don’t miss the multiple bars set up by the Experimental Cocktail Club or La Commune and Le Syndicat from Sullivan Doh and Romain Le Mouëllic. There are also, of course, the old school classics like Harry’s New York Bar where the Bloody Mary and the Sidecar were invented.

Cancun (Avg r/t price $357, prices will drop 28%)

If you want a little more spring break in your life, Cancun is the spot. Remember: You’re never too old for shots. Although you might be too old to stay awake afterwards.

Lisbon (Avg r/t price $672, prices will drop 28%)

Portugal has been at the top of so many travel lists the last couple years; you better get there soon, lest you find it totally overrun. And in Lisbon you’ll be able to find beautiful and meticulous cocktail bars, like Red Frog or the Cinco Lounge and, of course, plenty of port. As someone probably says, when in Portugal, fill up on port.

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