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Auchentoshan's VIP brunch featured a whisky-balancing "acromedian"


There's the kind of brunch that you roll out of bed thinking only "me. want. food.". Then there's something a bit more refined: Auchentoshan's invite-only brunch series hosted Nov 16th & 17th at Luxbar and BOKA. The afternoons featured meat, whisky, cabaret performers, and of course, America's Got Talent's Rudi Macaggi, balancing upside down on a basketball supported by three levels of bottles.

Auchentoshan brunch

Each event had its own dynamic Auchen-creation. Luxbar offered the Across the Pond (2.5oz Auchentoshan 12 Year, 1 oz earl grey tea infused honey syrup, 2 dashes aromatic bitters, stirred and garnished with a lemon zest) while BOKA served up The Lonely Shepherd (Auchentoshan Three Wood, Calvados, demerara sugar, sea salt, tobacco rinsed glass).


Oversized knife, meet oversized slab of meat.

Table setting

If you get hot and bothered by table settings, this is your PlayTableSetting centerfold.


If there were a Katy Perry/Chef Tom Colicchio look-alike contest (there's an idea!), we found two worthy contenders.


Anyone else getting a live-action Little Mermaid vibe here?


Put your hands on your hips if you enjoy a woman in a top-hat.


"I'm here all week, folks. I wish. Most comedy clubs have terrible brunches."


Every time he tried to open his mouth, she'd...


Ahh, the old balancing your head on a basketball that's supported by whisky bottles and glassware trick. Gets 'em every time.