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An upstairs wine bar in Andersonville

French spin-offs tend to leave Mr. Stewart depressed about his post-3rd Rock career, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying L'etage, a wine and cocktail lounge open Thursday through Sunday above Brasserie 54, sporting a vino-appropriate burgundy hue along with a glowing fireplace, leather sofas, a private back room for parties or wine tastings, and an outdoor balcony that brings the seating capacity to 50.The selection of 20 red and white wines is a mix of domestic bottles and French imports, completely unique from the offerings downstairs.When Life Hands You Letherbee… make Letherbee-ade? Or better yet, just let them make this titular gin cocktail with fresh lemonade and Thai basil.The Symphonie Aigre-Douce has French gin flavored with clementine, lemon, pomegranate, and honey, for once a bittersweet symphony that doesn't come with a Rolling Stones lawsuit.With its sugary sprinkles, egg-white foam, and purple hue courtesy of creme de violette, the Luna Violeta is as close as you’ll get to finding a tequila cupcake.A drink that's pretty and purple needs to be offset with meat, so fortify yourself with customized charcuterie and cheese spreads. The lineup here includes garlic sausage, bresaola, and pate along with dairy action like Comte, St. Andre, and Maytag Blue.On occasion, the upstairs bar also has macarons for a small bite of chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, or orange. If you think the Third Rocks, don't say it too loud or French Stewart will start crying.