Dovetail Brewery

Dovetail Brewery


Located in a three-floor, 22,000sqft, 88-year-old industrial building in Ravenswood, Dovetail concentrates on German and Central European brewing. Dovetail Brewery owners and master brewers Hagen Dost and Bill Wesselink are unafraid to tackle any brewing style or method, including open-air fermentation. The portfolio consists of lagers, pilsners, hefeweizens, Franconian-style Rauchbier, and even a Polish Grodziskie. Moreover, they’ll soon offer traditional Belgian-style Lambic brewing, a unique form of sour beer. An experienced beer aficionado can appreciate the nuances, but the beauty of the beer at Dovetail involves its simplicity -- it tastes great, and it’s easy to drink.

Motor Row Brewing


Motor Row Brewing not only reclaimed an old building, but the brewery also helped invigorate the iconic Motor Row district of Chicago. In fact, Mayor Rahm Emanuel cut the ribbon during the brewery’s opening. Once a bastion of automobiles, the district transitioned into a thriving African-American neighborhood that was once the home of the highly influential Chicago Defender and a home to many famous Chicago blues venues and musicians. Motor Row Brewing celebrates the entire spectrum of Chicago history with its German brewing that evolved in Chicago during the Industrial Revolution, as well as regularly hosting live Blues bands. The beer is fantastic, and the brewery has put energy into a neighborhood once on the brink of extinction in the late 20th century.

Pollyanna Brewing Company

Pollyanna Brewing


Located in the historical “Smokey Row” district of Lemont, a place that grew up almost simultaneously with Chicago, Pollyanna has enjoyed rapid success. In a mere two years, Pollyanna is found already at Cellular Field, the production has expanded mightily, and the brewery won a 2016 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal for its Oktoberfest/Marzen. None of the success is surprising when you consider Pollyanna Brewmaster Brian Pawola spent six months in Munich, Germany, where he graduated as the salutatorian of Siebel Institute of Technology’s Master Brewer program. Pollyanna offers more than just German bier, though; plenty of ales and various barrel-aging emerge from its brewhouse, too. More than that, Pollyanna offers a gorgeous taproom, and with its location right next to the river, provides patrons with one of the more spectacular patio views found in the metro area.

Noon Whistle Brewing


Speaking of history, Noon Whistle speaks to the birth of American beer culture, notably in Chicago. The massive European immigration during the 19th century provided Chicago with a population boom, much of which were wage earners. When the noon whistle rang, those European immigrants longed for traditional, low ABV (alcohol by volume) beer -- Americans transition from ales to lagers was underway. Noon Whistle pays homage to that concept, albeit with both low ABV lagers and ales. However, Noon Whistle also provides beer that enjoys a bit more muscle with its “big beer” series.  And, like many Chicago-area breweries, barrel-aging is prominent, including cabernet-barrel-aged beer.

Whiner Beer Company

Whiner Beer Company


Whiner Beer Co. also embraces history, as well as the art of barrel-aging beer. Whiner is located near Chicago’s historic Back of the Yards neighborhood, known for the large meat-packing area that turned Chicago into the “hog butcher for the world.” Older than that tradition is the barrel-aged brewing techniques of Belgium and France that involve things such as wild yeast, and souring techniques. But, it’s not all traditional at Whiner. Brian Taylor and Ria Neri also understand modern needs, such as running a brewery that is a net-zero energy business, aiming to promote environmentally responsible brewing. The result is beer you can feel good about drinking, and beer that makes you feel good because it is so good.


North Aurora

Environmentally conscious brewing and distilling continue to gain immense popularity, and Hardware personifies that movement.  Hardware is a completely self-sustaining establishment that is capitalizing on an entire wave of craft-mania. In addition to the beer Hardware brews, one will find 350 whiskeys with which to choose,  elevated mixology, and a full list of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines. Meanwhile, the food is all grown and prepared on-site; there is no waste. Indeed, Hardware operates a 1.5-acre hop farm, a greenhouse, a mini-orchard for fruits and nuts, a garden, and reuses water to negate any waste, including turning roof water into garden hydration.

Arrowhead Ales Brewing Company

New Lenox

It is hard to imagine that craft breweries of the last few years can be differentiated from the breweries the first forged a craft-beer revolution twenty years ago. But, the craft-beer world is old enough to account for changes found within the industry, as well as its effect on the overall imbibe culture. Arrowhead resembles that change. The daily beer menu includes an array of beer once considered innovative, such as rye, wheat, a session honeydew-IPA, Gose, Belgian Tripel, cream ales, and of course barrel-aged beer. Arrowhead is also a brewpub, serving food with its beer, a concept growing in popularity. Despite evidence of change, a recent homebrewing meeting hosted by Arrowhead confirms that the core of what makes craft beer attractive remains stable: the whole of the industry is greater than the sum of its parts.

Jason Vucic

Side Lot Brewery


Side Lot Brewery is another place that celebrates good food, but the brewery also offers coffee, boutique wine, and of course beer. Side Lot prides itself on being a multi-faceted establishment that serves many needs -- a one-stop shop. With the addition of small plates that take advantage of locally sourced produce, such as Charcuterie Board and candied bacon, Side Lot is truly a “hangout place,” and the cozy atmosphere bolsters that status. But, don’t forget the beer. One can enjoy out of the box beers, such as Snake in the Grass Raspberry Double IPA and Coq En Blanc Session Bière de Brut or partake in standards, such as pilsners, IPAs, Belgian Wits, and Irish red ales. Sit on a long, padded, wooden bench, use a throw blanket, enjoy a drink, and hang out; that’s Side Lot.

Oak Park Brewing & Hamburger Mary’s Oak Park

Oak Park

Food is one thing, but how about dinner and a show? The first brewpub in Oak Park since Prohibition also resides next to Hamburger Mary’s show lounge, which features nightly entertainment such as “Dining With the Divas” and weekly drag shows. Sure, it’s unlikely Frank Lloyd Wright witnessed many shows like that, but Oak Park Brewing doesn’t let its patrons forget the city’s most famous citizen with beers such as Frank Lloyd Rye. Although the two places are intrinsically independent, they work together harmoniously, which provides for a unique craft beer, burger, and entertainment experience.  

Mikerphone Brewing

Mikerphone Brewing

Elk Grove Village

With names like “Smells like Bean Spirit,” “S’more Cowbell,” and “Travelin’ Man,” it’s easy to see the connection between music and beer at Mikerphone. Indeed, the website describes the beer list as a “set list.” Mikerphone already possesses the RateBeer Best New Brewery of Illinois in 2015, as well as a few competition awards, so you know the beer is top notch. But, when its new taproom opens soon in Elk Grove, Mikerphone will be able it to enhance the musical aspect of this brewery.  

Metal Monkey Brewing


Speaking of music, it’s hard to miss the music theme of this fun place in Chicago’s Southwest suburbs. Metal Monkey may seem like an “in your face” establishment, but don’t expect to walk into a loud taproom with ear-deafening music. The owners like heavy metal, but they aren’t going to beat you over the head with it. Two decades of brewing experience means the staff at Metal Monkey are not your average monkeys. Metal Monkey Brewing loves all things craft, often featuring local artists, musician, and of course -- typical of craft beer these days -- food trucks. And don’t miss the pop-tv-cultural references at Metal Monkey: Monkey Knife Fight American pale ale, These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty porter, and Bikini Bottom Pineapple gose.

Miskatonic Brewing Company

Miskatonic Brewing Company


If music isn’t your thing, maybe slide over to Darien and enjoy a little literature-inspired brewery. Of course, rather than reading, the “chapter series” at Miskatonic, you drink each chapter as it is “written.” The owners’ combined resume includes lengthy experiences at Two Brothers, Goose Island, and Gordon Biersch, thus brewing styles of all types fill Miskatonic’s menu. Like the beer served at Miskatonic, the story of Miskatonic Brewing taproom involves many twists and turns. While there, one can sit in a traditional taproom with shiny vats in plain view, the English Pub room, or sit outside on the patio.

Alter Brewing

Downers Grove

Alter represents a new style of craft breweries. Instead of a brewer just deciding to take his or her home brewing to the next level, a businessman looked to open a brewery and found the brewer that would be perfect for that vision. In other words, craft is such a good idea nowadays, that even non-traditional beer geeks are deciding it’s worth the investment. For you the drinker, it’s worth investing your time and energy, too -- the beer is delicious. Typical of many breweries where a long-time homebrewer is in charge, one can expect variety and an array of new beers to try. Yes, you’ll get the comforting standards, but Alter is the perfect place to order something familiar while also expanding your horizons. As the staff at Alter notes, “Alter” your mind!

Steph Byce

Around the Bend


After numerous years homebrewing, Dan Schedler decided to put away the coat and tie and concentrate his efforts on professional brewing. However, being a sound businessman, he went out and found a seasoned professional brewer... and he found a good one. With 20 years of experience, and numerous Great American Beer Fest and World Cup awards, Head Brewer Joe Cuozzo is the perfect compliment to Schedler’s homebrewing experience and vision. Beer from Around the Bend includes brown ale with cocoa nibs, a pale ale with galangal, and a double IPA with Seville oranges among other innovative beers arising from Around the Bend fermentors. Today, those fermentors are located in the building owned by fellow brewer Ale Syndicate, but an Around the Bend Taproom is in the plans (investments are being made).

Hopewell Brewing Company


From the outside, the Hopewell Brewing Co. taproom reminds one of a 19th-century dry goods storefront. Inside, there’s a large sign that reminds one of a 1950s diner, yet the seating and decor hint at a modern cafe or a sunroom. They also host monthly bocce ball. The eclectic mix of decor and activities is fun, to be sure, but what brings people back is the excellent beer. Hopewell is run by three close friends, who once camped their way from brewery to brewery. That experience and a ton of passion result in beers that are far from boring. For example, try the Off-Black Pils, which is described with “subtle roasty astringency of the dark malts interacts in concert with the Styrian Golding hops to give a refreshingly new palate to our take on a pilsner.”