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173 Outdoor Drinking Spots in Chicago

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<strong>Big Jones</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Neighborhood favorite Southern dining sports an intimate patio space out back.

<strong>Hopleaf </strong>(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This beer mecca serves 200+ brews and sports an outdoor garden.

<strong>The Brixton</strong> (<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

There're 35 al fresco seats with specialty cocktails and whiskey to compliment the new American fare.

<strong>Cescas Margarita Bar &amp; Grill</strong> (<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Giant margaritas go down even better on their stone patio with plenty of seating.


<strong>Chief O'Neill's Pub </strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

There's live Irish music on Sundays, a back patio, and three fireplaces.

<strong>Honey Butter Fried Chicken</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Featuring a picnic-style back patio for ginger mules, whiskey sours, and house lemonade.

<strong>Orbit Room</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A neighborhood dive with a retro interior and a Tiki-style patio.


<strong>The Duck Inn</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Hidden beer garden where you can get haute bar food and an award-winning hot dog.

<strong>Cork &amp; Kerry</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Has a large outdoor patio and the ballpark outpost also has outdoor seating for Sox games.


<strong>Ada Street</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Featuring dozens of goofily named cocktails and a rotating menu of shareable plates.<br />

<strong>Jack &amp; Ginger's&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

With a kitchen open 'til 1am and about 100 seats, this open-through-October bar is full service with 10 outdoor TVs and private tents.

<strong>Red Door Chicago</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Enclosed below-level beer garden with picnic table-style seating and tree shading make this one of the best patios in Bucktown.

<strong>Small Cheval</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Au Cheval’s burger-centric offshoot has a large outdoor patio perfect for fries, milkshakes, and beer.


<strong>Broadway Cellars </strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Neighborhood bistro with plentiful wine selection and outdoor seating options off of<br />

<strong>Moody's Pub</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A sprawling wraparound garden space shaded by trees with great burgers, local beer, and pitchers of sangria.

<strong>Pasteur</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Backyard garden-driven beer garden offers upscale Vietnamese food and afternoon lounging.<br />

<strong>Fireside Restaurant &amp; Lounge</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Covered retractable beer garden offers bar food and multi-level seating.

<strong>Revival Social Club</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Wide-ranging brunch, lunch, and dinner menu and about a dozen tables on a new patio.

<strong>Waterfront Cafe</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Their huge outdoor dining area sits right on the Lake and boasts one of the best views in Chicago.

Gold Coast

<strong>Luxbar&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Elegant cocktails and an impressive bourbon list go great with the impressive patio space on Bellevue.

<strong>Del Frisco's</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Hello, three-story wine tower with 1,200 selections, and patio seating.

<strong>Nico Osteria</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

What could be better than sidewalk cocktails and seafood-focused Italian dining in this Thompson Hotel hot spot.

Hyde Park

<strong>A10</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Soak in Hyde Park's patio weather with wood-fired, Roman-style pizza and on-tap cocktails.

<strong>The Promontory</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Step away from the city with two outside areas -- a first floor patio and a second floor outdoor lounge that seats 45 each and a fire pit on the ground floor.

<strong>Plein Air Cafe</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This 40-seat patio has a canopy and communal tables.

Irving Park

<strong>McNamara’s </strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Neighborhood Irish pub has a large front and side patios where you can relax and down a few rounds of Guinness among friends.

<strong>PitchFork</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Saloon-style BBQ joint has a wide selection of whiskeys and &nbsp;flower lined outdoor seating.


<strong>Cooper’s</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Extensive beer list, great BBQ, and a covered patio with Belmont people watching.

<strong>Barcocina</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Mexican-inspired shared plates and tacos with a gigantic new patio along George St.

<strong>DryHop Brewers</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A patio/beer garden with house-brewed beer, fish tacos, poutine, and brisket/short rib burgers on the menu.

<strong>Duke of Perth</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A great Scottish whiskey list, <a href="…; target="_blank">among the top in Chicago</a>.

<strong>Hutch</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Hunker down outside with one of its specialty martinis or craft cocktails and order some classic American food (baby back ribs, steak frites, etc.).

<strong>Casey Moran's&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This sports bar by Wrigley Field has an outdoor beer garden with a rooftop deck known as the Ivy Lounge.

<strong>Sheffield's</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A beer &amp; wine garden with an extensive selection. Pros know that the best action can be found at "Beer School" -- the bar-within-the-bar inner sanctum with its own eclectic tap list.

<strong>Ten Cat Tavern</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This cash-only spot (owned by a woman with 10 cats... !?) prides itself on its vintage-themed outdoor garden.

<strong>El Mariachi Tequila Bar &amp; Grill</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Hidden behind this tequila bar might be Lakeview’s prettiest outdoor patio.

<strong>JP Burke’s Patio &amp; Tap</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

It’s right there in the name so you know the space delivers, and the near endless bottle and can list doesn’t hurt either.

<strong>Will’s Northwoods Inn</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Three wonderful things: beer gardens, cheese curds, moose statues.

<strong>Frasca Pizzeria &amp; Wine Bar&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Watch the brown-liners go by in droves while sipping on prosecco and eating Neapolitan-style pizza at this 60-seat corner patio.

<strong>Crosby’s Kitchen</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Rotisserie meets complimentary stroller valet at this 40-seat, family-friendly spot.

Courtesy of the J. Parker

Lincoln Park

<strong>The Drinkingbird</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

One of Lincoln Park's best bars features a sleek outdoor space in back.

<strong>Dinosaur Bar-B-Que</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Huge two-story BBQ joint offers picnic table seating for all your lip-smacking rib and pork pleasure.

<strong>Compass Bar&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A beer-centric restaurant with 38 seats outside, 180 bottled beers, and 20 draft options.

<strong>Galway Arms</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A true authentic Irish spot and an elevated patio with a great view over Clark.<br />

<strong>Gemini Bistro</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A bistro-cum-patio, this spot has a beautiful marble bar inside, and 40+ seats on the sidewalk.

<strong>Mayan Palace</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Top-notch margaritas and affordable Mexican is perfect summer fare.

<strong>The Monkey’s Paw</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Cocktails, beer, and wine in a secluded stretch of Lincoln Park.

<strong>Perennial Virant&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Attached to&nbsp;Hotel Lincoln,&nbsp;sidle up with some homemade corn nuts and other bar snacks.

<strong>Ranalli’s</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This pizzeria right by Lincoln Park sports a large side patio with beautiful views of the historic hood.

<strong>Homeslice&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The Oregon-born log cabin pizza joint has a well-heated patio and a vintage Airstream trailer.<br />

<strong>Stella Barra</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Neapolitan-style wood fired pizza and a 50-60 seat patio with a 6ft fireplace.

<strong>Zella</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

There's a tree canopy over the beer garden and a lounge inside with sofas and chairs around a fireplace.

<strong>Joe's Bar</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This sports bar and Hoosier haven has more than 100 TVs and a courtyard patio.

<strong>The J. Parker</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

On the 13th floor of the Hotel Lincoln, The J. Parker is a leader in the rooftop pack with a year-round rooftop bar and dynamite views of Lincoln Park.

<strong>The Patio at Café Brauer</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The drink selection is decent at best but the prices are solid and the South Pond location second to none.

Lincoln Square

<strong>Gene’s Sausage Shop</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A rooftop beer and wine garden with a rotating beer selection and freshly grilled sausages.

<strong>Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grill</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Popular local spot for bar grub and beer with a shady brick patio space.

Little Italy/University Village

<strong>Ph.D Pub</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This UIC bar’s patio features picnic tables, lounge chairs, and couches for your outdoor boozing comfort.

<strong>Three Aces&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Sporting an all-domestic beer list, and a menu that's got everything from pistachio tiramisu to chicken thigh ragu.

<strong>County Barbeque</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Rustic back patio where you can satisfy all your vices with BBQ and brown liquor.

Logan Square

<strong>Analogue</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Few things go better with a sunny afternoon than a beer and some cajun cooking.

<strong>Best Intentions</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Logan’s current dive bar king more than earns its reputation when you are sipping cocktails in their first-class tree-covered outdoor bar.

<strong>Small Bar&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The craft beer specialists have a relaxing side patio for downing a few drafts in the sun.

<strong>90 Miles Cuban Cafe&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Hit up the 15-table patio for pressed Cuban sandwiches.

<strong>Boiler Room</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Have at the PB &amp; J Special: an enormous slice of pizza, a tall boy of PBR, and a shot of Jameson for $7.50.

<strong>El Cid 2</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This homestyle Mexican spot's got a back patio bar and house specialties like fish and chicken tacos.

<strong>Longman &amp; Eagle’s OSB</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The Off Site Bar adjacent to Longman has a dedicated bar and also transforms into a donut pop-up shop every Sunday.

<strong>Parson's Chicken &amp; Fish</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

With bars made from hollowed-out shipping containers, the expansive outdoor patio has room for bocce and other games, as well as Negroni slushies.

<strong>Parts and Labor</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Signature burgers, root beer floats, and front and back patios.

<strong>Quenchers Saloon</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A dive on the Bucktown/Logan border with an unassailable tap list, kick-ass rock shows, and even more kick-ass drink specials all week.

<strong>Reno</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A cash-only pizza and bagel place, Reno's pie toppings -- like pork belly carnitas and smoked chicken -- will land them in your good graces.

<strong>Table, Donkey and Stick</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Alpine inspired cuisine and German beers complete with a small canopy for sidewalk seating.

<strong>Scofflaw</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Gin-focused, speakeasy cocktail spot whose cozy sidewalk patio gets regular stops from the traveling vintage store, The Bus Stop.

<strong>The General&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Unique mix of soul food and Mexican dishes with a quiet and cozy back-patio space.

<strong>The Whistler</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Small but with a good amount of seating for some of the best hipster cocktail creations in the city.

<strong>Dunlays on the Square</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This Midwestern, comfort-food joint has 60 seats of patio available for you to do all the people watching and day drinking you want.

South Branch Tavern & Grille
Courtesy Of South Branch Tavern & Grille

The Loop

<strong>LondonHouse</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The three-level rooftop crown of the LondonHouse Hotel on Michigan Ave is worth nabbing a reservation online.

<strong>Ceres Cafe</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Busy Downtown spot in the Board of Trade has cocktails and a massive courtyard.

<strong>Cerise</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Sitting atop the Virgin Hotel this high-end bar justifies the price tag with a refined air and sweeping views of the city.

<strong>Cindy’s Rooftop</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

On top of the Chicago Athletic Association, Cindy’s has unparalleled views of Millennium Park.

<strong>ROOF on theWit</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

On the 27th floor of theWit Hotel, ROOF has fireplaces under its glass enclosure and a patio that hangs out over the city.

<strong>Chuck's: A Kerry Simon Kitchen&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This kitchen patio serves American fare and signature sangria.

<strong>III Forks Steakhouse&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Take in the lakeshore view on a rooftop lounge with room for 100.

<strong>Park Grill</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A full-service restaurant in Millennium Park, and the largest al fresco dining area in Chicago. POINTS!<br />

<strong>Terzo Piano</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Complete with a covered terrace in the modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago.<br />

<strong>Rittergut Wine Bar and Social Club</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Get city and river views while sipping on wine at this happy-hour spot.

<strong>South Branch Tavern &amp; Grille</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

They could rest on laurels of their riverside space alone but also offers one of the Loop’s best beer lists.

North Center

<strong>O’Donovan’s</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Near the heart of North Center this sports bar has a beer garden with plenty of seating.

<strong>Resi's Bierstube</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Complete with a beer garden in the back, German beer, and wrought iron tables.<br />

<strong>The Village Tap</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

With heat lamps in a plastic-enclosed space (for cold), this beer garden boasts picnic tables and 26 draft beers.

<strong>Volo</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This Italian-inspired secret patio with table tops and covered booths boasts some of Chicago’s best romantic al fresco seating.

<strong>Fizz Bar &amp; Grill</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A gate-enclosed beer garden with classic bar food, steps from the Brown Line.

Courtesy of Fountainhead

Old Town

<strong>Old Town Social&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Tree-lined, pet-friendly patio that offers house-made charcuterie and craft cocktails.

<strong>Benchmark</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A sun deck, Chicago’s first retractable roof beer garden, and a sidewalk patio make sure that you’re definitely going to get some vitamin D at this upscale sports bar.


<strong>Simone's</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

For when you need empanadas outdoors, which is pretty much all the time right?

<strong>Dusek's</strong> (<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Dusek's latest addition, Tack Room, has live piano Thursday through Saturday to go along with a varied cocktail list.

<strong>Dia De Los Tamales</strong> (<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A vacant lot has been transformed into a BYOB tamale haven.


<strong>Gideon Welles</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Neighborhood spot will serve you up a great burger on their large sidewalk patio overlooking Welles Park.

<strong>Gather</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

An impressive wine list accompanies a beautiful canopy, which's got heat lamps for when it's chilly.

<strong>Fountainhead</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Among the best bars in the city, no better place to sample than the pub's rooftop garden.

<strong>Mash Craft Kitchen &amp; Patio</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The former Bad Dog space kept the 125-seat patio and added two big-screen televisions and better food.

<strong>Daily Bar &amp; Grill</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Put your name on the chalkboard to snag a seat at one of the better sun-soaking spots in the neighborhood.

Courtesy of IO Urban Roofscape

River North

<strong>Bridge House Tavern</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Modern gastropub with a 180 seat river-view terrace.

<strong>Chicago Cut Steakhouse</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Steaks and wine over a breathtaking view of the Chicago River makes this an ideal spot for a breezy summer evening.

<strong>Fremont</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Combining a nightclub with a upscale dining experience this swanky spot now features a retractable roof patio.

<strong>Vertigo Sky Lounge</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A 26th-story rooftop ice bar that's open year-round, complete with a fire pit, communal bathroom area, and waitresses using club carts.

<strong>ZED451</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This all-you-can-eat Brazilian meat house has a fire pit and double-sided fireplaces. The seasonal rooftop deck features tasty bar bites like pad Thai tacos and ahi tuna tartare.

<strong>Tanta</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Rooftop with two bars: one pisco, one that serves raw seafood.<br />

<strong>Celeste&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The fourth-floor rooftop aptly named "Garden" features a Victorian chaise-style seating design and ivy-covered brick walls. Translation: keep the flip-flops at home.

<strong>Citizen Bar&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Get to know all 5,000sqft of outdoors at this Downtown bar &amp; grill.

<strong>Elle on the River</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A new riverside eatery featuring four types of tacos.

<strong>The Kerryman</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Casual but nice Irish pub with a long flower-laden street patio.

<strong>I|O Godfrey&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Sleek rooftop above the Godfrey Hotel featuring small bites and pitchers full of mojitos and margaritas.

<strong>Nomi&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Located at the Park Hyatt Chicago, this French-influenced restaurant has a terrace lounge and an extensive wine list.

<strong>Rock Bottom&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A beer garden with house-brewed beers and a classic pub menu.

<strong>Shanghai Terrace</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Complete with greenery, Chinese food, a view of the Water Tower, and specialty cocktails, all at the Peninsula Hotel.

<strong>Siena Tavern&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The Italian eatery from <em>Top Chef</em> favorite Fabio Viviani has a street-level, canopy-covered lounge serving wine and beer by the can or bottle.

<strong>The Kensington</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A chic rooftop garden atop the Parliament where you'll pay a pretty penny but won't mind at all.

<strong>The Terrace at Trump&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

When you're on the 16th floor of Trump Tower, you'll have views of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

<strong>Oak + Char</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This first come, first served sidewalk patio is your newest brunch spot and has tasty craft cocktails and a good selection of beer.

<strong>Kinmont&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A 40-plus-seat sidewalk patio joins the best of East and West Coast seafood with craft cocktails.

<strong>River Roast</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Enjoy prime riverside seating as the staff wheels up giant slabs of meat to complement your beer.

<strong>Joy District</strong> (<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

River North's latest rooftop opening has been long awaited at this multi-level hotspot.

Courtesy of Reggie's

Rogers Park

<strong>Peckish Pig&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Wash down an extensive menu of beef, chicken, and pork dishes with one of the nine house-made drafts on a lovely brick back patio.

South Loop

<strong>Acadia</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This intimate spot has only 12-16 seats, so get there early.

<strong>Flo &amp; Santos</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Get pizza and pierogies in the same place at this large beer garden.

<strong>Reggies Music Joint</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

There's a rooftop with a basketball hoop, a patio out front, a bar and grille inside, multiple stages, and 30 bottled specialty beers/24 drafts.

<strong>The Spoke &amp; Bird</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

While it's not open very late, the large beer garden is perfect for some good old-fashioned day drinking.

<strong>Asian Outpost</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This spot's got banquette seating and serves sake slushies.

<strong>Mercat a la Planxa</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Complete with tapas dishes, sangria, and fresh seafood.


<strong>GreenRiver</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Swank and modern with inspired cocktails and a new terrace for stunning skyline views.

<strong>52Eighty Rooftop Lounge</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Capping the MileNorth Hotel, this open-air lounge has glass wall to protect from the wind and a nice laid-back atmosphere.

<strong>Streeterville Social&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

One of the largest roofs in the city tops the Loews Hotel with street food-inspired plates and fancy cocktails.

<strong>Howells &amp; Hood&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Right on the Mag Mile, there's a 300-seat patio with 100+ draft beers, as well as a secluded cocktail room on the 25th floor of the Tribune Tower.

<strong>The Dec</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

On the 12th floor of The Ritz, this spot's got 40+ wines and craft cocktails.

<strong>D4 Irish Pub</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Mixture of Irish and American dishes with a tree-covered garden patio off the side.

<strong>Bellwether Meeting House &amp; Eatery</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A 40-seat sidewalk patio for clearing plates of upscale American classics and sipping on wine and bottles of beer.<br />

<strong>Drumbar</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Classic cocktails on the 18th floor of the Raffaello Hotel.

<strong>Tre Soldi</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Large menu of pizzas and pastas washed down with a chilled glass of white along Ohio Ave.

Ukrainian Village

<strong>Cleos&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Soccer bar sports a brick back patio with extra TVs so sitting outside means you won't miss a match.

<strong>Happy Village</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A well-treaded dive bar with cheap beer, ping-pong tables, a lawn, and a fish pond.

West Loop

<strong>Little Goat Diner</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Move upstairs from Top Chef Stephanie Izard's bakery and diner to a rooftop with a full view of restaurant row.

<strong>The Dawson</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A stone patio with communal tables for updated takes on comfort food.<br />

<strong>bellyQ&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A renowned Korean BBQ spot with ramen on the patio and a fire pit in the back.

<strong>CH Distillery &amp; Cocktail Bar</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Snow cone versions of cocktails are available, made with house-distilled spirits.<br />

<strong>Green Street Smoked Meats</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Outdoor picnic tables line the way to Brendan Sodikoff's secluded honky-tonk BBQ joint with first-rate hot links.

<strong>Kaiser Tiger</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A beer hall with a Viking-inspired menu of sausages and bacon, a 200-seat patio, and sidewalk seating.

<strong>Park Tavern</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A beer garden gastropub with 12+ TVs that's serving house-smoked, PBR-can chicken, and pour-your-own drafts or vodka.

<strong>RM Champagne</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

RM serves Champagne and is situated in a cobblestone courtyard.

<strong>Wise Owl Drinkery &amp; Cookhouse</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Mixed selection of beer, cocktails, and wine and plenty of seating on a roomy patio.<br />

<strong>Athena Greek Restaurant&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Skip to a Greek island on this umbrella-shaded patio.

<strong>BIN 36</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The venerable wine bar that relocated to the West Loop offers a side patio with shaded seating, lounging, and cold-pressed sangria.

<strong>City Winery Chicago&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Open patio seating for 100 surrounded by grape vines, greenery, and lots of wine on tap.

<strong>Expat&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This new 24-seat, outdoor-only pop-up cafe next to Soho House offers buckets of beers, boozy snow cones, and small bites.

<strong>The Betty</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Sip on rosés and haute comfort food at this newly opened sidewalk patio next to Publican Quality Meats.

West Town

<strong>Sportsman's Club</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A rear patio with a fire pit, communal tables, a satellite bar, and herb garden.<br />

<strong>Twisted Spoke&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A biker bar with 500+ whiskeys, it's perfect for brunch with Bloodys.

<strong>Grandview Tavern</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A standout sports bar with a beautiful ivy-covered beer garden.

<strong>Piccolo Sogno</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The food is great of course, but this River West spot also has over 400 wines to choose from and a garden patio enmeshed in trees and flowers.<br />

<strong>G &amp; O&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

In the space of a former gas station, G &amp; O is a patio-adorned spot that does in-house liquor infusions, small-batch beer, and brunch on weekends.

<strong>Frontier&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Prepare for next-level animal eats like smoked gator ribs or buffalo heart sliders while on the wood-trimmed, fireplace-equipped patio primed for party dinners.

<strong>Handlebar&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A bicycle bar with one of the city's most ridiculous Bloody Marys.

<strong>Homestead on the Roof</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A patio + rooftop garden just above Roots Pizza.

<strong>The Fifty/50&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

A three-level sports bar with a dozen flat-screens and some real heavy-duty bar food including some of the best wings in Chicago.

<strong>Smoke Daddy</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Get Kansas City-, Memphis-, and Carolina-style barbecue on a 65-seat alfresco section with 60" all-weather, high-def big-screens.

Wicker Park

<strong>Fatpour Tap Works</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This space boasts 60 seats at high-top tables and on couches, a bar, 50 beers on tap, and 100 beers in bottles and cans.

<strong>Big Star&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="http://; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Of course the tacos are great but Big Star is a bar first and foremost, with some of the best whiskey and tequila lists in the city.

<strong>Chop Shop&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

This warehouse building (with an outdoor patio and upstairs garden) is 100 years old, is part bar and restaurant, and sports a seriously meat-focused menu, wine, and local brews.

<strong>Division Ale House</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Get an 80oz beer tower with a built-in ice core, or get an Irish breakfast/brunch served every day. It features a mac &amp; cheese with Guinness-spiked sauce.

<strong>Jerry's Sandwich Shop&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

The Wicker Park location of Jerry’s has a sandwich for every palate and an outside patio with an extensive list of craft beers.

<strong>Taus Authentic&nbsp;</strong>(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

One hundred-seat patio with charcuterie, cheese, and meaty entrees aplenty.

<strong>The Southern</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="; target="_blank">Info</a>)

Dixie cocktails, beer, and fried chicken on a sunny North Ave patio.

<strong>Whiskey Business</strong>&nbsp;(<a href="…; target="_blank">Info</a>)

New whiskey bar has an airy, open rooftop that might be the best on Milwaukee.<br />
<br />
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