23 Chicago Bars That Are Open on Christmas Day

Baptiste and Bottle bar
Baptiste and Bottle bar | Courtesy of the Conrad Hotel
Baptiste and Bottle bar | Courtesy of the Conrad Hotel

Fortunately for anyone who would rather take a shot of Malört up their nostrils than spend Christmas with the in-laws, this year's festivities fall on a weekend. That means there's a decent number of establishments that are open on Christmas Day, so you can escape the holiday madness whether you celebrate or not. To help in your quest, we've compiled this handy list of bars that will be open so that your local bartender can pour you a tall glass of cheer.

Rex Tavern

Jefferson Park

If you're looking to throw back a few brewskis with locals and probably a few bitter travelers on the way to/from O'Hare, Rex Tavern has you covered starting at 8pm. The kitchen is closed though, so grab some grub before making the trip.



Holiday fact: Hopleaf has more beers than Santa’s had back injuries (which is a lot, we hear). The kitchen will be closed, but you can still sample fine Belgian brews to your heart's content.

Kit Kat Supper Club
Courtesy of the Kit Kat Supper Club

Kit Kat Supper Club


Serving brunch from 11am to 4pm, Kit Kat Supper Club also has all your boozin' needs covered until 2am. As a bonus, visitors will score 50% off martinis, cocktails, and the Christmas prix-fixe menu when they bring in canned food donations.


Lincoln Park

Did you know that the feeling of warming up next to a crackling fire can easily be replicated by sipping rare whiskeys? Test out this hypothesis by visiting Delilah's between 4pm and 2am on Christmas Day.

Quenchers Saloon

Logan Square

Quenchers Saloon has been serving craft beers in Logan Square since 1979, which is also probably the last time Santa ate a salad. Pop in after 5pm and stay until at least midnight. (The bar will remain open past midnight if it gets busy.)

Lotties Pub
Courtesy of Lotties Pub

Lotties Pub


Like Officer John McClane, Lottie's Pub does not mess around on Christmas. The 13th annual Rock 'n' Roll Christmas bash includes giveaways and a coat drive, as well as $3.50 Heinekens and $5 Rumple Mintz hot chocolates. Stop by from 6pm to 2am.


Noble Square

Open 365 days a year until 4am, Exit is as dependable as Ralphie’s official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200 shot range model air rifle! Luckily, they have enough booze and metal to make you forget all about Christmas.  

Butch McGuire's
Butch McGuire's

Butch McGuire’s

Gold Coast

Butch McGuire’s is open from 11am to 4am on Christmas, which theoretically gives you 17 hours to drink beer. Pro tip: Do not drink beer for 17 hours.

Liar’s Club

Lincoln Park

Not only is Liar's Club open on Christmas (9pm to 2am), but it will also have a huge vulgar ice sculpture that you can do shots off of. Bring grandma.

Kingston Mines

Lincoln Park

Nothing says Christmas likes blues music and tasty barbecue, according to this sentence. Get your fill from 6pm to 4am at Kingston Mines.

Slippery Slope

Logan Square

The Slope is open from 8pm to 2am on Xmas, and the staff will be ordering in Chinese food. Just like Jesus would've wanted.

longman & eagle
Clayton Hauck

Longman & Eagle

Logan Square

Open from 6pm to 2am, Longman & Eagle is serving a limited dinner menu this year. But what is not limited is the selection of whiskeys, so just go ham on that.

LH Rooftop


Sticking to regular hours (7am to 2am), LH Rooftop offers much better views than your parents' couch, from which you will probably witness cousins wrestle until someone cries and mom starts yelling.

Baptiste & Bottle
Baptiste & Bottle

Baptiste & Bottle

Near North Side

Baptiste & Bottle is open until 11pm, and its swanky whiskey bar is totally worth a visit to pregame before listening to uncle Jim's UFO-related theories at dinner.

The Matchbox

River West

Theoretically, could Santa even fit inside The Matchbox? Ponder this and life’s other mysteries while enjoying excellent cocktails from 6pm to 2am.

Richard’s Bar

River West

If you call Richard’s you’ll hear one of those dial-up modem noises on the line, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been to Richard’s. But several of our, ahem, “interesting” friends have stated that Richard’s "never closes" and is definitely open on Christmas.


North Center

Serving drinks and a full menu starting at 6pm on Christmas Day, O'Donovan's offers the perfect escape from large men who park reindeer on the roofs of people's houses.

Timothy O'Toole's Pub
Timothy O'Toole's Pub

Timothy O’Toole’s


Not only can you hang out at Timothy O'Toole's from 5pm to 2am, you can also totally nuke your body with the Big Timmy Challenge before making that New Year's resolution to lose weight.

Rainbo Club

Ukrainian Village

Cash money is still the best Christmas gift there is, and you'll have more of it if you hit up Rainbo Club for $2 PBR pints from 8pm to 2am.

Bangers & Lace
Bangers & Lace

Bangers & Lace

Wicker Park

The kitchen will be closed on Xmas Day at Bangers & Lace, but you can always stuff your pockets with ma's meatloaf if you want a late-night snack. Right? (Open 7pm to 2am.)

Haymarket Pub & Brewery

West Loop

Haymarket really gets into the giving spirit on Christmas by offering possibly the best deal in town: $1 pints of house beer. Stop in from 5pm to 2am.

Flat Iron

Wicker Park

Air-guitar your way to a totally metal Christmas at the Flat Iron, which is open from 10pm to 4am and offers $2 domestic bottles, $3 import bottles, and a $6 PBR and Heaven Hill shot combo.

Nick’s Beer Garden

Wicker Park

If you squint hard enough, a trip to Nick's Beer Garden actually does start looking and feeling like a Caribbean getaway. Find your beach with $2 bottles and cans, $3 drafts, and $5 PBR and shot combos from 10pm to 4am.

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Raf Miastkowski has definitely never been asked to leave an establishment while wearing a Santa costume before. Tweet him some Christmas cheer: @RafFoSho.