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18 Chicago Bars That Are Open on Christmas Day

No matter how many stupid coworkers you’ve offended at your annual holiday party or how many tapped-out gift cards you’ve re-gifted to your borrring family, rest assured that booze is always there for you during the holidays. Yes, even on December 25th, as long as you stop in at one of these 18 Chicago bars that are open on Christmas Day.


Open from 7pm to 2am on Christmas Day, Hopleaf has so many beers to offer that it’s entirely possible one of them tastes EXACTLY like Christmas. However, the kitchen is closed, so maybe stash some turkey in your pants' pockets.

AMK Kitchen Bar

Open from 9am to 3pm, AMK is hosting an ugly-sweater brunch complete with holiday décor, bottomless cranberry mimosas ($20), and a seasonal menu featuring Christmas dishes. No word on whether those crazy Doritos nachos count as “seasonal.”

Quenchers Saloon

According to a slightly confused bartender, Quenchers is open from “around 4pm” to 2am on Christmas, and you can give yourself the gift of eating an entire tater-tot pizza in one sitting. Santa won’t judge.

Lottie’s Pub

Lottie’s does not mess around on Christmas. Open from 6pm to 2am, Lottie’s offers holiday-rock jams, giveaways, a coat-and-toy drive, Rumplemintz hot chocolate ($5), and live reindeer. Actually, we lied about the reindeer. No reindeer.


Lincoln Park
According to science, Christmas cheer is indistinguishable from the burning sensation you feel after downing a shot of good whiskey. Luckily, Delilah’s has more than 400 varieties to choose from, and is open from 4pm to 2am. Order up $3 Labatt Blue cans and $3 Maker's Mark shots.

Liar’s Club

Lincoln Park
Not only is Liar’s Club open on Christmas Day, but it's throwing a party complete with an ice sculpture. Yes, that is correct: an ice sculpture.

Ricochet’s Tavern

Lincoln Square
Cheap beer, friendly folk, and darts to keep you busy. The joint stays open “from 6pm until it gets empty.”

Longman & Eagle

Logan Square
The best thing about Longman & Eagle is that even if you attempt to sample many, many of the whiskeys it stocks, you can always drag yourself upstairs to a hotel room and call it a night. And it’s open 9am to 2am, so you may have to.

Slippery Slope

Logan Square
The Slope is open from 8pm to 2am, and the staff will be ordering in Chinese food early on. Just like Jesus would've wanted.

Butch McGuire’s

Near North Side
Butch McGuire’s is open from 11am to 4am on Christmas, which theoretically gives you 17 hours to drink beer. Pro tip: do not drink beer for 17 hours.

Timothy O’Toole’s

Near North Side
The cool thing about visiting Timothy O’Toole’s on Christmas (11am to 3am) is that you’ll also get to see how Downtown looks when it's completely and entirely empty.


Noble Square
Maybe Exit isn’t the cheeriest bar in town, but maybe Santa doesn’t even exist so whatever. Plus, it’s open until 4am 365 days a year.


North Center
O’Donovan’s kind of looks like Christmas year-round, so maybe on actual Christmas you’ll stumble into an inter-dimensional portal or something. Also: open from 6pm to 2am, and offering a full menu with a few chef specials.

The Matchbox

River West
Theoretically, could Santa even fit inside The Matchbox? Ponder this and life’s other mysteries while enjoying excellent cocktails from 6pm to 2am.

Richard’s Bar

River West
If you call Richard’s you’ll hear one of those dial-up modem noises on the line, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been to Richard’s. But several of our, ahem, “interesting” friends have stated that Richard’s is “definitely open” on Christmas.

Rainbo Club

Ukrainian Village
Does a pinball machine count as Christmas lights? Yes, yes it does. Soak it all in with $2 pints of PBR in hand, from 8pm to 2am.

Carol’s Pub

Nothing spreads Christmas cheer quite like honky-tonk vibes and one of the least-inviting bathrooms in the city. Drop by from 11am to 4am.

Haymarket Pub & Brewery

West Loop
Haymarket Pub & Brewery opens at 5pm and is offering house pints for $1 until 2am. MIC DROP.

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Raf has definitely never been asked to leave an establishment while wearing a Santa costume before. Tweet him some Christmas cheer: @RafFoSho.