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Chicago's Unique Style of Magic Is Being Revived at This Uptown Bar

Published On 01/04/2017 Published On 01/04/2017
chicago magic lounge
David Linsell
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David Linsell
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1. Chicago Magic Lounge 4707 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60640

Little known fact (probably): in the 60s and 70s, The Windy City had a thing for magic bars. Today, Uptown’s Chicago Magic Lounge, which pops up two nights a week inside the Uptown Underground, pays homage to those bars -- the ones that pioneered the hybrid cabaret theater and lounge -- with a modern take on an important piece of Chicago’s cultural history. CML revitalizes “Chicago-Style” Magic: the style of magic found at the one-time frontrunners of Chicago nightlife, wherein magic is performed not just from a stage, but at the bar, at tables among guests, and in conversational, close-up performances. Order a beer, choose your seat wisely, sit back, and enjoy the magic show you never knew you missed. Or, if you fancy yourself a magician, join your peers at the bar’s periphery during breaks in the show to share your secrets with various other craftsmen of Chicago-style magic.