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A hard-working sports bar on Ohio

Because the City That Works could just as easily be called the City That Excessively Over-Consumes Booze And Food, Municipal Bar and Dining Co. is helping you take down plenty of the latter while reminding you of the former with an industrial vibe featuring gritty murals depicting El tracks and drawbridges, a concrete bar, and 35 flatscreens, because this is also the City That Loves Watching Sports On Giant Flatscreens.Better yet, watch them from a secluded booth to keep out the riff raff, but if you see former NFL defensive end Simeon Rice, be sure to say hello (he's one of the owners).Get started with some hoisin-sauced short rib sliders topped with daikon 'n cabbage slaw, red jalapeno, and Japanese mayo. You could opt simply for French fries, but it would be much more Chicagoan of you to get the loaded version, slathered in cheese, bacon, and sour cream.Proving Chi has plenty of shanks outside of Cook County jail, this braised lamb number comes sitting on a bed of truffled grits and roasted root veggies.In addition to 16 brews on tap, they're mixing up cocktails named for Chi 'hoods like the Irish whiskey/ lemon/ pineapple Bridgeport, which -- in a city that drinks like Chicago -- could easily be consumed Daley.