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Cal Verga's Homecoming Shows Cleveland the Finer Side of Coffee

Published On 06/08/2016 Published On 06/08/2016
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As big-city markets become saturated with the latest food and drink trends, Cleveland is the perfect spot to capture a previously untapped, yet keenly interested market.
duck-rabbit coffee

"There's an energy here that I'd never experienced before."
duck-rabbit coffee/Instagram | duck-rabbit coffee/Instagram
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"We're treating coffee as an object of refined taste, in a manner that people are most familiar with treating wine."
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1. Duck Rabbit Coffee 2135 Columbus Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

Cleveland's newest craft coffee roaster, duck-rabbit's the creation of java aficionado Cal Verga who was inspired to start his own brew house after a stint at a roastery on the West Coast. Located on the West side of Tremont, duck-rabbit's a cozy brick-walled shop that brews up all your lattes, espresso, and cold brew using locally sourced beans from within Cleveland and its environs. Ground beans are also available for purchase for at-home brewing.