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Jameson Helps Brew Up Something Special in Cleveland

If you’ve ever had trouble deciding between a cold beer and an expertly crafted glass of whiskey, Jameson Caskmates is about to solve all of your problems. (Well, it can’t absolve your student loans, but one out of 99 ain’t bad.) Created in 2014 from a conversation between a local craft brewer in Ireland and Jameson’s distiller Dave Quinn, Jameson Caskmates is classic whiskey with a modern twist; it’s three-times distilled then finished in craft stout barrels for a totally original taste.

And to keep creating even more totally distinct tastes, Jameson has sent its whiskey barrels to breweries all over the United States as part of its Drinking Buddies program. Check out the coconut stout that Cleveland’s Fat Head’s Brewery developed. Coco Loco Leprechaun is a dark, sweet, and roasty beer, with a hint of smoke. Try and pick up the notes of chocolate as you go.

Learn more and find out where you can enjoy the Jameson Caskmates and Fat Head’s beer here.