Cocktail Basics Everyone Should Know: The Coupe > The Martini Glass

The Martini glass has had a good run. The fact that it is also known, pretty much interchangeably, as a Cocktail glass, is a testament to its iconic status. It’s a standard. And you can see why: that slender stem, the inverted cone—it looks great, all stylish and sleek. It’s also an utterly useless nightmare to drink out of, and you should shatter your set of Martini glasses in the fireplace tonight. Anyone who’s ever tried hoisting one off the bar and returning to their table at a crowded place knows this. The drink is half empty by the time you get it back to your seat.

Stop letting this happen to you. The Martini glass is all form and zero function. It fails at its main job, which is to contain your drink successfully. So sweep up the shards of your shattered Martini glasses, recycle them, then replace them with a set of almost-as-stylish and much more functional Coupe glasses. And enjoy your entire cocktail, every time, from that point forward.