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Cure your hangover with tequila chilaquiles

Bar at Agave Azul

Agave Azul's an agave-obsessed tequila joint slinging simple Mexican classics that'll make you glad you came to Carrollton. They've got the biggest 100% agave collection in Texas, and Texas is the second biggest state in America, so yeah, lots of agave. Also great: they've got the perfect after-drinking-all-the-agave brunch item, "The 5-layer hangover cure", made up of chilaquiles with refried beans, potatoes, tortilla strips, salsa, two eggs sunny-side up & queso fresco. Also, also, also great: their huge, umbrella'd patio out front that features a sweet fountain that single-handedly earned Azul the nickname of "The Bellagio of Southwest Carrollton".