Food & Drink

Sunset gets a second life

Now open on Ross, the new Sunset Lounge has moved away from a nightclub feel (as do most girls you approach in them; try talking first, weirdo) in favor of a more upscale pub look with chocolate-colored booths flanking a massive wall of spirits, designed by the same folks who did Outpost and Bowery

Edibles kick off with "street snacks" like these mango BBQ- & avocado ranch-dippable plantain chips, also an ill-fated Erik Estrada spinoff set in the Caribbean

Heartier munchables come in taco form, like grilled fish (jalapeno-lime crema, slaw), chicken tinga (baby kale, pico, jack & cotija cheese), and the Razorback defense-inspired shredded pork, sporting pineapple relish, green cabbage, and Fresno chili

Fresh off his stint at The Chesterfield, Lucky Campbell's manning the bar, stocking brews that, like the Cowboys coaching staff, are largely canned (Avery White Rascal, Firemans #4), plus tropical 'tails like the Rum Runners, caipirinhas, and Bahama Mamas, that thankfully can't charge you with assault.