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The 6 best Bloody Marys in Dallas

Published On 09/17/2014 Published On 09/17/2014
Anvil Pub

It's well known that no drink combats a hangover quite like the Bloody Mary, which has the bonus of occasionally being able to function as a meal. Or several meals. When you find yourself in need of one, these are the best places to go in Dallas, from the best of the best DIY setups to the most over-the-top garnished masterpieces.

Anvil Pub

This creation brings enough to the table to merit the profane title: “F**k Brunch”. The behemoth comes loaded with a bacon cheeseburger slider, a pretzel hot dog, shrimp, and plenty more meats, cheeses, and vegetation. The drink will set you back $20, but don’t worry, in addition to your meal-in-a-Mason jar, there’s a glass of PBR to wash it all down. Bottoms up! Both of them!

David Maez 

Lounge 31

Highland Park
If you tend to take a sip of your Bloody and say "not spicy enough!", try the Bangkok Bloody Mary, an Asian-accented creation packing soy sauce, Sriracha, wasabi paste, togarashi, and black pepper mix, garnished with a large shrimp tempura and shishito pepper. This will clear your sinuses AND please your taste buds.

David Maez

The Grape 

Lower Greenville
The Grape doesn’t really ever disappoint, and their Bloody Marys are no exception. There's certainly a place for $20 creations packed with extreme garnishes, but you’ll find yourself repeatedly drawn to this well-executed $6 cocktail that is spicy, refreshing, and packs a punch (and has just enough garnish to give you something to snack on). If you need a little extra, tack on a shot of vodka.


SMOKE Restaurant

Oak Cliff
Chef Tim Byres said to hell with pre-made Bloody mixes and made his own. The result is a spicy, gritty, thin-textured, beautiful concoction, garnished with house-pickled green beans, carrots, and a jalapeño. If you’re into garnishes why not throw on thick-cut pork belly bacon or smoked sausage? Couldn't think of anything, could you? So yeah, do that.

Hope Nwaeze

Chef Point CafĂ©

This may just be the wildest Bloody in town... or rather, a short drive from town, but totally worth it. Crafted by Chef Franson and Paula Nwaeze’s daughter Hope, it includes a double order of spicy Bloody Mary, your choice of a 16oz domestic beer, their famous "better than sex" chicken, a Nolan Ryan slider, waffle fries, and massive amounts of other garnishes for only $25. Yes, only. We're talking about like three meals here.

Ozona Grill & Bar

Ozona Grill & Bar

With all the talk about signature Bloodys, what if you don’t know what the hell you want in your drink? In comes Ozona’s amazing Bloody Mary bar with seven varieties of mix, more than 20 different hot sauce choices, and just about any topping you could conceivably require. So be creative -- just be aware that it can get busy, so keep the line moving Picasso... you’re drinking it, not entering it in a contest.

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1. Anvil Pub 2638 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226 (Deep Ellum)

Long dreamed of by a local father & son, Anvil began its countdown to reality when both men were let go by their respective employers. They've decked the ex-Mehdi's with lacquered floor-to-ceiling wood paneling and brick space dividers, and serve up a mean Bloody Mary.

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2. Lounge 31 87 Highland Park Village, Highland Park, TX (Highland Park)

Hidden in the middle of the Highland Park Village, this Mediterranean-tiled, triple-barred retreat situated directly above Bistro 31 is comprised of a patio flanked by two small lounges, and offers noshes from parm-thyme popcorn, to lobster sliders w/ house-cured bacon, to Alverta President white sturgeon caviar that costs an early-1990s month's rent in The Village ($205). That's cool though, because you'll mainly be drinking Latin affairs like the rum/Cointreau/orange bitters Havana Sunset, and the spicy-salt-rimmed, tequila/blood-orange liqueur/agave Tulumtini.

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3. The Grape 2808 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (Lower Greenville)

Helmed by Chef/Owner Brian Luscher (of Luscher's Red Hots fame), The Grape was originally opened in 1972 and has served approachable, European influenced fare at affordable prices ever since. The menu changes monthly, though, so the Grape never feels stodgy or old-guard. The charming, bistro-like interior and homestyle fare (blueberry pancakes, shrimp and grits) make The Grape a great brunch option

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4. Smoke 901 Fort Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75208 (Oak Cliff)

Smoke, as you might have guessed, is a restaurant that takes its barbecue very seriously. Locally sourced ingredients and traditional recipes are part of what has won Smoke the various awards it's garnered in the past, so why not stop by and see for yourself?

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5. Chef Point Café 5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148

This Watauga restaurant offers a double order of spicy bloody Mary, your choice of a 16oz domestic beer, their famous “better than sex” chicken, a Nolan Ryan slider, waffle fries, and massive amounts of other garnishes for only $25. Yes, only. The amount of food and drink will more than satisfy your thirst quench and your belly which is perfect considering the drive back home.

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6. Ozona Grill & Bar 4615 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (Lower Greenville)

Just across 75 from the SMU Campus lies the best place to drink outside in the Dallas heat at risk of a bad hair day or sweat-soaked shirt. The green, light-bulb-lined patio out back is first choice for the dinner crowd, who chow down on endless shared platter of chicken fingers, burgers, and tacos once the sun's retired for the day and things start to cool down. And it wouldn't be an outdoor outing without a round of icy margaritas and frosty domestic drafts, either.



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