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The Best Drive-Thru Daiquiris in Dallas

Published On 07/21/2017 Published On 07/21/2017
best drive through daiquiries in dallas
Yep, you can get one these beauties for the road | Eskimo Hut

Daiquiris to Go

West Dallas

Daiquiris to Go lays claim to being “Dallas’ First To Go Drink Spot” on its website, which boastfully reads, “West Dallas Daiquiri Slangin’ Since 2005,” then asks, “You Think I’m Playin’?” Seems legit, no?

The establishment is located in one of the city’s most inconvenient locations, just southwest of Dallas in the industrial area, so prepare yourself for a trek to the spot, which has a distinctly electric blue exterior with iron-barred windows. When you pull up to the menu some of the choices (below) make you think you’ve stumbled onto someone’s racy text message thread, but you’re in the right place:

#8 Break A Bitch -- sweet n sour, strawberry, margarita
#38 Reverse Cowgirl -- orange juice, grenadine
#34 Pulled 2 Da Side -- orange, pineapple

There are many more, and many much worse, like the Suck Me Dry, a mixture of “rum runner, Mai Tai, hurricane,” but keep it simple and try the North Dallas, which is strawberry and banana. After you make your order, pull up to the barred window and have your ID and money ready (it’s cash only, naturally). In return, you’ll get an extra large polystyrene cup with a plastic bag over it and a straw tucked inside. The drink is too big for most cup holders, so be prepared to have it ride shotgun (with the seatbelt on, of course). Try not to have heart palpitations if you happen to pass by the nearby jail and police headquarters -- what you’re doing is totally legal, so just don’t get it in a wreck and have it splatter all over the windshield. That would be a sticky situation -- literally.

Eskimo Hut

Various Locations

Eskimo Hut is a chain of drive-thru convenience stores that originally started in Amarillo in 1996. But unlike other joints of its ilk, these slushies have alcohol, and you can take them to go. They have a cult-like following on Yelp and Facebook of fans who can’t get enough of their frozen drinks, and the convenience of, well, being a convenience store, too. After all, there aren’t many places you can get a pack of cigarettes, a candy bar, and a frozen daiquiri. The daiquiris come in a variety of flavors with add-ons like gummy bears and other toppings, but we recommend the Pink Panther, a mixture of Mai Tai and piña colada. Eskimo Hut says its alcohol is made from fermented oranges, so perhaps that has something to do with the unique tastes. There are locations all over Texas, with three locations in DFW (Arlington, Fort Worth, and Denton) and more on the way.

The Daiquiri Shoppe

Various Locations

Suburbanites aren’t swapping their caramel Frappuccinos for frozen daiquiris -- yet -- but being that to-go cocktails are both legal and convenient, The Daiquiri Shoppe took full advantage and opened a location in suburban Carrollton with a second location in Granbury. The Daiquiri Shoppe is a New Orleans-inspired restaurant, so all of the daiquiri flavors like Strawberry, 190, Hurricane, Margarita, and White Russian have a Big Easy touch to them. It also has a food menu that has fried crawfish and a variety of po' boys for reasonable prices. Beer and wine are also sold here, and while you can’t take them to go, you can order a gallon of daiquiri for the road. Seriously.

Cafe Daiquiri


There’s not a lot to hate about authentic BBQ, wings, and live music, but throw in to-go daiquiris, and you have this Duncanville spot. Try the garlic Parmesan wings and the peach mango daiquiri, which is the house favorite here. It’s a bulletproof way of getting through the hottest summer days.

Tiki Shack Daiquiriz & Tacos To Go


There is perhaps no better marriage than a spicy taco and a fruity frozen beverage to cool your tongue. Thankfully, you can get both here. The meat is made in the in-house smoker so it’s always fresh and delicious, and every Tuesday you can buy one taco and get $1 off your second. The to-go margaritas are good, but you may start coming here just for the food alone.

Beer to Go Drive Thru

East Dallas

First off, you can’t miss the building, because it resembles a yellow barn with hot rod red flames adorning the front. Similar to Eskimo Hut, this shop also serves as a convenience store where you can buy cigarettes, beer, wine, and other drinks. So if you’re looking for more than just a slushy, fruity concoction, throw in a bottle of wine and a sixer for good measure. Its website claims the margaritas are tequila-based and daiquiris are rum-based, not wine-based, which means it might have found a loophole to the loophole. And say hello to the Beer Babes, the scantily clad servers.

Phat Tuesday Daiquiri Shoppe


Instead of driving four hours to New Orleans, you can enjoy Mardi Gras every day with both dine-in and to-go food at this spot. It’s known for its famous smoked chicken salad and wings, but check out the Cajun corn cups for something a little different. It also serves daiquiris by the jug and gallon depending on the size of your party (or the fun you intend to have solo). Try the Pink Panties or CoCo Butt, and stop by on a Tuesday, when every drink is $2 off.


Various Locations

Wingbucket is not like other wing establishments -- the dishes here are bigger and better, and you can take your drink to-go. It lays claim to jumbo-size wings, tenders, and pork ribs, which happen to be some of the best in town. And don’t forget to try some of the 19 different house-made sauces that include rarities like peanut butter and jelly. There are two locations: downtown Dallas and Richardson that are dine-in/takeout only, so if you don’t finish your frozen mojito daiquiri, which we highly recommend, the servers will put it in a to-go cup, seal it, and let you take it out the door.