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Single Wide

Lower Greenville

The smaller sibling to the Deep Ellum dive Double Wide, this bar is lined from end to end and top to bottom with the quirkiest found objects this side of your mom’s favorite antiques bazaar. Drinks are as low-brow as all get out, with house cocktails featuring such classic mixers as Tang and Yoo-hoo. Karaoke and bingo night can’t be beat.

Suzi Paparazzi/Thrillist

Windmill Lounge

Stemmons Corridor

The favored haunt of seen-it-all locals, this super-dark bar with the neon windmill on the roof turns out great classic cocktails. When it’s warm (or even just warm-ish), regulars gather on the patio. Karaoke lovers, take note: there’s rarely too long of a wait to sing at the Thursday night music night, so come prepared with several song options.

Truck Yard

Truck Yard

Lower Greenville

Classed-up trailer trash is the vibe here where weathered picnic tables circled by retro patio chairs dot the landscape, along with a rotating slate of food trucks. If you can find a spot, head up to the adult treehouse for specialty drinks and bottled cocktails, or enjoy the scenery and a cold beer and cheesesteak on the patio.

Adair's Saloon

Deep Ellum

Adair's has been at its current location for like 30 years, but was already decades old before that. It's kinda like that one 50-something neighbor you have that's always drinking everclear mixed with a Sonic slushie: it's pretty cool, definitely unique, and doesn't give a damn if anyone thinks it's pretty.

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Cosmo's Bar


The vibe at this Skillman Street bar is ’70s basement chic, but don’t let that harsh your good time. With plenty of tables and a cozy living room-type space near the fireplace and jukebox, it’s a great spot to meet up with a group. Specialty drinks tend toward the sweet side, but are fine for washing down the famous made-to-order pizza. An even better culinary bet? Popping in for Banh Mi Monday and for pho on Sundays.

Lakewood Landing


Leave it to Lakewood to have a place that calls itself an "upscale dive bar" that's not actually faking it worse than your prom date. It's got your pool table that's seen better days, it's got your wooden walls and vinyl seats, and it's got your cheap beer. Done.

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Lee Harvey's

The Cedars

Lee Harvey's has pretty much everything you could ask for in a dive bar, from a gravelly, picnic table-lined patio encased inside a chain-link fence to fistfuls of addictive onion rings to an interior that hasn't been updated since the days of its infamous namesake. 

Tradewinds Social Club

Oak Cliff

What vital elements of a great dive bar does Tradewinds have? Crazy cheap drinks? Yep. Crazy strong drinks? Check. Mixed and matched furniture -- hey wait, is that your old couch from college? On top of all that, it has quite possibly the best-worn shuffleboard table in Dallas, although that might be an illusion brought on by those strong drinks.

Ships Lounge

Lower Greenville

Ships is one of G'ville's most venerable establishments. If you know of a more unpretentious, legitimately down-to-earth place to get your buzz on, let us know in the comments below.

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Double Wide


The DW's a Dallas staple, so we really shouldn't have to explain it to you, and if you've been there for enough happy hours and live music your attention span probably isn't so great anyway. Any ode to trailer park culture complete with a tornado bearing down on it warrants inclusion.

The Goat


Part blues bar and part fantastic karaoke bar (provided you didn't decide THIS is the night you're tackling "Come Sail Away"), it's open way early in the morning (7a) so you never have to worry about sleeping one off. Unless you stay all day and night. Which is a possibility.

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1. Single Wide 2110 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

The smaller sibling of Dallas' Double Wide is covered in kitsch as only the best dive bars are, sporting plenty of taxidermy and using the drinks of your childhood, such as Tang and Yoohoo, as mixers. No, really: order the fan-favorite Yoohoo Yeehaw that's mixed with Yoohoo, vanilla vodka, and coffee liqueur. It's practically a crime to stop in to this grungy spot and not try one. The bartenders here are as friendly as the crowd that packs this slim, wood-laden space until 2am every night of the week.

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2. Windmill Lounge 5320 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75235

A welcome, divey atmosphere, a jukebox, and some well-crafted and well-priced cocktails will make your evenings at Windmill Lounge very enjoyable indeed.

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3. Truck Yard 5624 Sears St, Dallas, TX 75206

A great beer selection, cheesesteak galore and ice cream trucks? To round out this myriad of awesomeness, let us not forget that there's also a freakin' treehouse bar in the place. Seriously, combine all of the above to make this the coolest backyard establishment in all of Dallas, if not the world.

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4. Adair's Saloon 2624 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

Adair's has been been around forever, and their live music, gigantic burgers, and 10$ pitchers of cold beer will make sure that doesn't change anytime soon.

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5. Cosmos 1212 Skillman St, Dallas, TX 75206

This retro style dive bar traffics in some truly eclectic fare-- they serve not only pizza, but also banh mi, pho, and Tex Mex specials (who wants Frito Pie?). This spirit of reinvention also applies to their cocktails. Try the house Mayan mule, a south of the border take on the Moscow classic. Also peep the outdoor space!

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6. Lakewood Landing 5818 Live Oak St, Dallas, TX 75214

Famous in Dallas for its late charitable, coke-bottle-glasses-wearing bartendress, Lakewood Landing is a dive bar that serves up a killer burger and super-strong drinks. Stop by this authentic gem of a neighborhood spot and dance to tunes on the jukebox while you sip down brew and munch on tasty and reliable bar food. Also of note: this Lower Greenville locale's outdoor seating area.

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7. Tradewinds Social Club 2843 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75211

A 42-year-old, near-windowless private club overflowing with real-deal dive kitsch, Tradewinds is the latest project by the man behind State Bar/Xpo Lounge/Double Wide/Lee Harvey's, a regular customer who, after hearing that the aging owner was dumping the place, did a deal in 15 minutes and in two weeks' time had the bar's keys and all its precious inventory: racked-vinyl trim, time-abused shuffleboard table/dart boards/jukebox, and a staggering collection of tropical fish figurines, just now surfacing from under a quarter inch of dust.

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8. Ships Lounge 1613 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Ships is one of G'ville's most venerable and unpretentious, legitimately down-to-earth establishments. Bring cash, a wish list for the jukebox, and your own liquor, if you want. (That's right, BYO liquor!)

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9. Double Wide 3510 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

The DW's a Dallas staple, good for happy hours, live music, and good times all set in an ode to trailer park culture.

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10. The Goat 7248 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75214

Part blues bar and part karaoke bar, The Goat opens super-early at 7a so you can spend your whole day and night soaking up cheap, strong pours and rockin' live bands.