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Everywhere in Big D to celebrate not-Mexican independence

Published On 04/28/2013 Published On 04/28/2013
Where to Cinco in Dallas

Because Cinco de Mayo is more like a Mexican St. Patrick's day than, you know, a real holiday, do Dallas right and make it a Cinco to remember sorta remember

Best Margaritas Herrera's Cafe 4024 Maple Ave; Oak Lawn; 214.528.9644 Honorable mention can go to any number of places in a city that might as well be called the Margarita Capital, but Herrera's has been at the frozen 'rita game longer than all but one, and they've been the go-to intoxicant for three generations now. Get all the info you need to get all the margs you need at
Craziest Filling/Animal in Taco Taqueria Pedritos 4910 Capitol Ave; Oak Cliff; 214.826.2940 You've heard of goat head tacos before. But, these are way, way, way more literally goat head tacos, as in one whole, roasted, baby goat head, complete with eyes, teeth, the works, just waiting to be picked apart and stuffed into your tortilla. More on the place in the full story
Best Salsa Joe T. Garcia's 2201 N Commerce St; Fort Worth; 817.626.4356 Foodie sociologists can debate whether or not it was the full-of-awesome salsa that caused the venerable FW spot to expand from 16 seats to more than 1000. Not debatable: a salsa so good, it's jarred & sold now. Read more about all of their patios in the full story
Best Guacamole Mr Mesero 4444 McKinney Ave; Uptown; 214.780.1991 With a trio of guacs ranging from normal (avo/red onion/lime) to a little spicier (add in serrano), to the avant garde -- the Rebanado has sliced avocado, serrano & onion crisps -- it's nigh-on impossible to not love the guac at one of Uptown's top Tex-Mex spots. They've got more than guac... Find out what in the full story.
Best Outdoor Space Meso Maya Downtown 1611 McKinney Ave; Downtown; 469.726.4390 The patio at Meso Maya's downtown spot's nice in its own right, with exposed brick, string lighting, and a generally old-timey feel… because it used to be Luna's Tortilla Factory, and many, many decades ago it was the first legit Mexican patio in Dallas. Sexy pics of roast duck in the full story...
Best Nachos Urban Rio 1000 E 14th St, Suite 100; Plano; 972.422.4466 Ground beef might not be flashy, but when it's combined with refried beans, black beans, roasted-corn relish, and cilantro, then topped with both queso listo and panela Oaxaca -- like in Urban Rio's Nacho Libres -- it's the perfect foil (literary term bonus!) to the modern nacho. Check out a sweet video featuring UR's chef in the full story
Hottest Waitresses Bikinis Bar and Grill 1350 E Copeland Rd; 817.987.1380 Dude, just look at the pictures. Oh, and the VIDEO
Best Tequila Selection Agave Azul 1114 S Elm St, Suite 100; Carrollton; 972.242.4466 Head here for more than TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY different tequilas, all of which're 100% blue agave, which means they've got you covered whether you're going for an organic number like Republic, or just want to amble up to the bar and say "Tequilame"… which is an anejo that's aged 3yrs. They've also got "hangover cure" chilaquiles... Read more in the full story.

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1. Herrera's Café 4024 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75219 (Oak Lawn)

Although the original Herrera's building suffered a structural fire and the restaurant had to be relocated, everything else about this place is as authentic as it was the day it opened in the early 1970s. Breakfast is served all day, and certain days of the week confer dinner specials such as Caldo de Res on Monday and Caldo de Pollo on Friday.

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2. Taqueria Pedritos 4910 Capitol Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (East Dallas)

This cafeteria-style taco joint serves basic options like chicken and beef, but also makes things a bit more exotic (and more challenging for your palate) with fillings like goat head, pork snout, and more.

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3. Joe T. Garcia's 2201 N Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76164 (Fort Worth)

For a spot that started with just 16 seats in 1935, Joe T.'s has grown up big and strong, probably by eating 70yrs' worth of delicious tacos and enchiladas. They now boast over 1000 seats, having added a new patio or dining room practically every year since the '70s.

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4. Mr Mesero 4444 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75205 (Uptown)

The guy behind Mi Cocina finally has another restaurant, and it's been worth the wait. In a space both intimate and vibrant, with vivid artwork contrasting nicely against exposed brick walls, Mr Mesero combines Americanized favorites with full-on Mexican dishes with outstanding results. The quekas laguera (pastry pockets stuffed with cheese and chicken or brisket) are definitely a standout. This joint also boasts what may be the best guac in all of the Big D, with a variety based on spice, zest, and ingredients -- one has serrano and onion crisps thrown in there.

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5. Meso Maya Downtown 1611 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75202 (Arts District)

Meso Maya, located in a renovated tortilla factory (seriously), is not for sating Tex-Mex cravings. With adobos, moles, and salsas from scratch, and in-house nixtamalized masa for the freshest of tortillas, Meso Maya touts its authentic Mexican roots for lunch and dinner, every day. The menu offers a wide variety of traditional dishes, from queso fundido and tacos to posole and budin azteca. And with upwards of 40 tequila and mezcal selections to choose from, you can expect a proper margarita, whether it be a classic or a house specialty like the avocado margarita, their star sipper.

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6. Urban Rio 1000 E 14th St, Ste 100, Plano, TX 75074 (Plano)

Located in the original Plano Ice House, which was built in 1917, Urban Rio is dedicated to providing dishes that combine a little bit of Texas and a little bit of Mexico (so that's why it's called Tex-Mex!) and using only the best ingredients from the Rio Grande Valley area. Across 4 floors, Urban Rio has a dining room, two bars -- with six tequilas on tap -- and a balcony/event space with views of the Dallas skyline. So enjoy your margaritas, brisket tortas, or awesome tamale pies (or all 3) in style.

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7. Bikinis Bar and Grill 1350 E Copeland Rd, Arlington, TX 76011 (Arlington)

Go ahead, pretend you're there for the chicken fajita tacos, pulled pork sandwich, or the super-hot thermonuclear wings all you want, but we're on to you. And there's no shame in enjoying the, er, sights at Bikinis. Come for the view, and stay for more of the view while you chow down on some pretty great burgers and watch sports.This is what America is all about -- it's in the Constitution (don't bother looking this up).

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8. Agave Azul 1114 S Elm Street, Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75202 (Carrollton)

With a name like this, it should be no surprise that Agave Azul is more than a little into tequila. They've got over 250 different types of the stuff, all of which are 100% blue agave , so now you have a reason to go to Carrollton! And in case you go a little too hard attempting to sample all their tequila offerings on Saturday night, stop by again on Sunday for their hangover-curing brunch menu.



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