Food & Drink

Chill in an Ice House, meet a local girl we love, and drink beer in Plano

Enchiladas at Chilada's, Dallas TX

Thursday, June 6th

The second annual Oak Cliff Film Festival kicks off with screenings of Drinking Buddies, and Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer. As in Zelda, this link is important

Hook Line & Sinker's Preston Rd spot's kicking off the Summer with free HLS/DEBC glassware for the first 100 guests

Saturday, June 8th

Listen to live music and drink new beer at 903 Brewers' first tour. It's a reason to go to Sherman


Urban Vines Wine Bistro's now open on Garland Rd over by White Rock Lake. Grab paninis, charcuterie, and some sort of grape-based drink..

Meet Katy Ice House Outpost, a new bar at Ohio & Park in Plano

Frisco's got proper biscuits & gravy now, with Norma's Cafe's third spot

Newly minted Chilada's Fresh Mex No. 2 is now slinging over at Lovers and the Tollway. Oh, and they're delivering, too

Ongoing Things:

Artizone's now doing free pickup at Dude, Sweet Chocolate's FW location. FREE PICKUP, PEOPLE

Mallory Jensen, bigInk publicist

Local Girl We Love and Where to Meet Her

Meet Mallory. She's a publicist at bigInk who reps a ton of places ranging from The Cedars Social, to MAX's Wine Dive, to Asador. Reasons we love her: 1) she's right at home drinking DEBC Blonde or Blanche de Bruxelles, 2) she's been known to throw a tortilla (or 25) at Tech games, despite the school's flying-tortilla ban, 3) she (correctly) thinks Posh Spice was the best Spice Girl, and 4) she loves to chill over at the Dram and Gin Mill.