Food & Drink

A Texas twist on pub life

Because Dallas' signature lake has seen all manner of unholy activity, three guys with longtime pub dreams opened White Rock Abbey, a Goodfriend-proximate "Texas brewpub" anchored by a 20ft wooden bar pouring 40 taps

25 of those taps are dedicated to locals (DEBC Double Brown Stout, Firewheel Midnight Ninja...) and Greater Texans like Southern Star Buried Hatchet & Adelbert's Naked Nun, also the movie Sally Field doesn't want you to know about

You don't have to drink at the bar, but you will have to decide which kind of chair you want to sit in. The difference between the green ones and the wood ones could be called Sofa's Choice

Wear a hat on your face with these Sombreros (tostadas w/ carnitas, refrieds, pico & queso), or grab the ciabatta White Rock Sally sandwich (ham, Canuck bacon, Jack, Yucatan pico), or maybe even a Shepherd's Pie pizza, a comfort-food union only people who've given up their dreams would call unholy.