The First-Ever Dallas Uptown Trolley Bar Map

Never taken a ride on the M-Line trolley that runs through Uptown? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There's a good chance you haven’t had any reason to ride it... that is, until NOW! Introducing the Uptown trolley bar crawl, a map of 20 bars and restaurants (all of which have bars!), all within steps of the trolley line. As it turns out, these rustic trolley cars rumble past some of the best drinking spots Dallas has to offer. Check out each stop below, and click here for a blown-up version of the map

St. Paul & Ross: Stephan Pyles
Make the beginning fancy, because the end is going to be sloppy.

Dallas Museum of Art: DMA Cafe
Drink in the culture! And the alcohol!

St. Paul & Woodall Rodgers: Relish
A favorite among Dallas’ dogs AND drinkers. This seems like a good time to mention that dogs are welcome on the trolley.

St. Paul & McKinney: Stampede 66
They have 30+ whiskeys for you to try, though maybe not on this trip... no time!

McKinney & Olive: Rattlesnake Bar at Fearings Restaurant
This is the bar at the Ritz. That should tell you everything you need to know.

McKinney & Fairmont: Dragonfly
It’s like being in Vegas, without the outlandish cover charge or imminent danger of financial ruin.

McKinney & Routh: Renfield’s Corner
Frat guys!

McKinney & Boll:Black Friar Pub
Always trust the Irish when it comes to drinking.

McKinney & Worthington:Trophy Room
Mechanical bull break!

McKinney & Allen:The Standard Pour
Bartender Bonnie Wilson is pretty much famous.

McKinney & Bowen: The MAC
Drinks available whenever there is a new art opening or play by Kitchen Dog Theatre.

McKinney Plaza: The Quarter Bar
Riding the trolley to Quarter Bar makes it feel even MORE like New Orleans.

McKinney & Lemmon: Cliff’s Bar & Grill
The ghost of The Loon lives on as Cliff’s Bar & Grill. Fear not, the drinks are still STRONG.

McKinney & Lemmon East:Uptown Pub
By now you should be in just about the right headspace for some karaoke.

Cityplace West & Noble: Cork Wine Bar
Sure, throw a glass of Pinot in the mix. What could go wrong?

Uptown: The Rustic
Cold beer on a Friday night / a pair of jeans that fit just right. (Don't worry, the cold beer and live music is not confined to Friday nights.)

McKinney & Blackburn:Eureka!
Eureka! You've struck cocktails.

Blackburn & Cole: Village Burger Bar
If you’ve made it this far, you should probably eat a burger... or three.

Cole & Lemmon East: Taco Diner
Their Mambo Taxi frozen margarita may look dainty, but make no mistake, this pink take on the Tex-Mex standard packs a serious punch. Also, tacos!

Cole & Hall:The Sir
Mustache not required, but encouraged. Now, run it back!

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