Yeast Whisperer? Thorgrimsen Keg Viking? This Texas brewery has easily the best job titles in the world.

Dallas's Deep Ellum Brewing Company is one of the fastest growing breweries anywhere. With that in mind, they assembled a new team to lead them into the future, and based on their truly spectacular job titles alone, they'll likely be bigger than InBev in the next week or two. That photo above is the crew; below are what they've been allowed to call themselves. Sorry, junior associate deputy vice president:

  • Jeremy Hunt – Yeast Whisperer
  • David Hauptman – Hop Czar
  • John Wiewel – Sales Samurai
  • Terry Leonard – Van Diesel
  • Christian Rasmussen – Thorgrimsen Keg Viking
  • Josh Mowell – Numbers Guy
  • Chris Eiland – The Vansporter
  • Jason Harrington – Assistant Brewer (this is what happens when you skip initiation)