Colorado's tiniest taproom

Opening a nanobrewery must be tough, what with the constant cease and desists from Apple, but that didn't bother Jamie Wells, who's taken his 20yrs of homebrew knowledge and is now serving three taps in a tiny warehouse taproom a little bigger than the garage of that one guy you know with a garage. Operating a 1.5-barrel system easily makes them one of the smaller breweries in the state, and certainly the smallest with an actual taproom.While Jamie's not apologizing for the opulent decor, he'll urge you to sit in one of 12 seats, or on a couch in an even smaller adjoining room. The table in the corner was bought by the brewer's mom at Hobby Lobby -- they're more than just scrapbooking supplies, people!All grain is milled in a homemade contraption rigged up by Wells.8.5% Hop Haze features a "nice citrusy taste and good bitterness", while the other two right now are the James Pale Ale and the mocha-tinged Chocolate Milk Stout -- so they should expect a cease and desist from Yoo-hoo any minute now.